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Buffy - Willow and Tara


Posted on 2004.08.01 at 20:31
Current Mood:: crazycrazy
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Yes, I know that isn't how you spell August but I so cannot be bothered going back and changing it at the moment. Instead I feel it's my responsibility to sit here and talk some garbage, which I haven't been able to do in quite a while so I'm going to give it my best shot. Well, it's been quite warm here today and I've just before had my first actual meal in about a week, and it was lamb and new potatoes which was nice, even though I'm one of those finicky people who always has to go through whatever food i'm presented with and pick out the peices of wook... wook? What the bloody hell is Wook? Perhaps Wook is like the sections of food which appear to have gone really bad or something. Anyway I can't sit and eat them, I end up making a little pile of all the bits of Wook that I can't eat and just well not eating them i suppose.

I'm feeling better today as I've been up since about half ten, tried reading a book, watching a few early episodes of Family Guy, had a nice cooling shower, and now I'm sat here with a great fan blowing air onto me... well of course air, it's hardly going to be blowing porridge onto me is it? I mean I'm not a particular fan of porridge, it's all grey and lumpy and doesn't look even slightly apetising so why would I want to shower in it? Unless it was some bizarre mating ritual that lesbian obsessed teenagers have to go through at one time in their life, however before I get a massive amount of people being mentally scarred for life by these insane images just remember that it could be worse... Margaret Thatcher could somehow be involved in the whole porridge orgy type incident? To which I totally don't agree, unless she sort of stays in the corner with all her clothes on and tells people to go away from the whole porridge incident. And Lucy Liu should be there as well... just because she's totally awesome and the best sort of person who you have to imagine is a lesbian who there is. Okay i assume that sentence confused you... well lets try it another way... she's like the best lesbian who isn't in fact a lesbian. That makes mildly more sense I assume and you can at least understand what the hell is going on now anyway. So anyway we'll lock Margaret Thatcher up in some other room now so that we don't exactly need to think about her any more... perhaps we should even bin her into Room 101, which is apparently this place which stops things from existing, which puzzles me, but so does a lot of things, this isn't exactly surprising you know.

Anyway in about 4 or 5 days, whenever the fifth of the month comes along I'm heading down to my local bookshop (the one that is about an hours train ride away) and getting myself a copy of 'Knees Up Mother Earth', which is the latest Robert Rankin extravaganza to hit the shelves and I suggest everyone and their cousin from Venezuela who twitches involuntarily whenever the word Pudding is mentioned, both go out and buy this book. [Warning: This book may contain the word pudding. I haven't read it so I don't know.]

Anyway thats about enough abstract lunacy for now.


cja_3000 at 2004-08-01 20:42 (UTC) (Link)
Pudding? Wook? Lucy Lui, yeh thats the one im looking for. Yeh Lucy Luis great, I was going to say I watched Charlies Angels the other day which is true and everything but it was the 70s TV show which did not have her in but the movie did and thats great too. But Sammy Davis Jr was in it which was odd as not only was he playing himself he was playing someone who looked remarkably like him and that was the basis of the story. The other day the title of my Lj update was Charlies Angels but im not obbsessed or anything....

Well enough of me for now, see ya round!
cube_166 at 2004-08-02 11:06 (UTC) (Link)
It's Liu, L-I-U! You can't do anything!
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