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Christmas TV

Posted on 2008.12.26 at 19:45
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Okay so my brain has seriously failed me quite a significant portion of this last week. Yesterday's episode of Doctor Who was a blessing because it allowed me to talk about something without having to dissect John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Happy Christmas (War Is Over) song. Today I'm not so lucky so in an act of desperation I'm going to attempt to review the whole of the Christmas schedule.

So there we are. Another Christmas over and done with. There was a lot of good television on this Christmas including Doctor Who, two Wallace and Gromits and The Royle Family. Things that were less good was Blackadder Rides Again. My TV guide practically promised an all new episode of Blackadder. What was actually delivered was a show where the stars of the show look back at old episodes and reminisce as to how great it was. Especially Rowan Atkinson. I could have lived my entire life without seeing him sneering on about how the General Hospital episode is so hilarious that it made him snigger on a plane. Needless to stay I didn't stick around long.

Normally at Christmas they put a good animated movie on, like Monsters Inc or Finding Nemo. I was somewhat disappointed to learn that this year's selection of good animated movie was Finding Nemoalike Shark Tale, but I thought "well I'll give it a chance. I would never have known how awesome Monsters Inc or Finding Nemo are without giving them a chance" That chance lasted approximately five minutes; five minutes of my life that I'll never get back!

So it was a bit of a mixed bag this Christmas. There was some good stuff on, and some not so good stuff. The key to having a good Christmas Day is to make sure everyone can find the good stuff and this was handled pretty well. You see this year all the tv channels teamed up to make sure that everyone would be able to find the good stuff, they made a pact, that BBC1 would be the only channel allowed to show decent programs this year. Overall I'd give this year's Christmas TV an eight thumbs up and a cat that can play the piano.

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