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Doctor Who - Rose

Doctor Who - The Next Doctor - Review

Posted on 2008.12.25 at 19:25
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Two minor annoyances with this episode. Actually I suppose they're less minor than I'm making out but I did enjoy the episode so I have a subconscious desire to brush them to one side. Firstly as the whole motor is powering up scene was going on I was thinking to myself 'oh no, please don't let it be a giant cyberman' and lo and behold it was a giant cyberman. This annoyance was lessened after the Doctor recognises it as a Cyberking and says that it's more typically classified as a ship with a cyberconversion centre in the stomach. Still though, giant cyberman.
Secondly I'm kind of annoyed that in the end the episode was saved by Mercy suddenly realising that the world is nice and full of puppies. I don't like it when programs try to show us that there's good inside every single person because there really isn't. Some people are evil and aren't going to want to save the world no matter how much blue electricity you shoot into their head.

So on the positive side you may have noticed that none of my two minor annoyances were actually about the nature of David Morrissey's character in this episode. Which I thought was good all in all. I went into the episode thinking 'there's no way he could be a future incarnation of the Doctor' then during the episode, specifically after the scenes in which Infostamp!Doctor says he has amnesia I started to wonder if perhaps he really was the Doctor. I spent a while after that panicking my mind through various scenarios in which he could be the Doctor (all of them not good) and came to the conclusion that he's too whiny to be the real Doctor. Then when he wasn't the Doctor everything was good with the world again.
Oh and one other thing, what was going on with those Cybershades? Really they could just have got rid of them and it wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference. I'd previously thought it was all going to be Cybershades and it was because they were in the past they were having to make do with what technology was available to them. Really I think if you're going to go with Cybermen don't confuse the thing with weird Cybershade things.

Anyway it was a good episode, mostly, and I'm glad David Morrissey isn't going to be the Next Doctor. I give this episode seven thumbs up. It was good but I'm sure there was a better way to have the Doctor defeat the Cyberking. Better than niceness guns at any rate. Oh and while we're on the subject of things dying in stupid ways I'm betting the Doctor will fall over a brick. Possibly a really big brick but a brick nonetheless.

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