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Buffy - Dark Willow

Cube News!

Posted on 2008.12.21 at 19:23
Current Mood:: annoyedannoyed
Okay I want to do an update on here, I really do. I've almost done a full year of updates without missing a single day. However my brain isn't working. I've tried to come up with something clever or at least mildly entertaining to say about four times now. The last time I just wittered on about a dead dog. This time I will consult the news for stories with potential humorous value.

And how about this for a news story. Alexandra Bitch has got the Christmas number one with her besmirchment of the Jeff Buckley/Leonard Cohen (pick your favourite) classic Hallelujah. I really hate Alexandra. People rant and rave about her going 'oh but she's more interesting than Leona Lewis' and I say 'well yeah prove it. Show me one interesting thing she's ever done' and people look at me like I'm a bit weird and sidle away, but seriously Alexandra Burke is not more fun and exciting to be around than Leona. If anything Alexandra is more pathetic and weepy to be around than Leona because the bitch never stops crying. She'll probably cry on Top of the Pops on Christmas Day. What a fucking bitch, I can't believe she won, and to go on to descrate Hallelujah? Unforgivable. I suppose it is nice that her catterwalling has caused people to want to buy the Jeff Buckley version but good god. Honestly when I found out that the winner's song would be Hallelujah I wanted neither Alexandra or JLS to win. And in a way we're all losers. Well done guys. Nice work releasing that Alexandra on the world. I hope you are all proud of yourselves.

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