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Chuck - Anna 3

Xmas Looms

Posted on 2008.12.20 at 20:16
Current Mood:: excitedexcited
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This isn't about a Christmas loom into which you feed wrapping paper and tinsel and weave them together to form some kind of glittery mess. This is about how Christmas is on the horizon. I don't think I've talked about it much this year. Normally by this point in December I'm massively enthused for Christmas, but since I kind of forgot about doing filmvent this year I really haven't been feeling it. However now that the Christmas tree is up and I've listened to old Christmas songs till my brain has haemorrhaged I think I have arrived at what can be described as a rough approximation of the Christmas mood.

Also expect to see a lot more of Elf Costume Anna as my icon, because I literally have no other Christmas related icons.

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