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Pushing Daisies - Olive Snook

Pushing Daisies 2x10 - The Norwegians - Review

Posted on 2008.12.18 at 16:20
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When I inadvertantly heard that there would be an episode in which Ned, Emerson and Chuck would meet their Norwegian counterparts I balked at the idea that there might be some kind of Norwegian Ned with the ability to wake the Norwegian dead. I am glad that this was not the case and that they were counterparts in detectiveness alone. I did however think that the Norwegians were great and if Pushing Daisies were not quite as cancelled as it is I would look forward to hopefully seeing them crop up again in future seasons. This episode was brilliant, even though I think it's going to take a few hours for it all to sink in. As if normal episodes of Pushing Daisies don't move fast enough this episode was speeded along by the Norwegians extremely fast paced speech. It made it slightly difficult to keep up with the program, and had they been investigating a case which we knew very little of then it would have been nigh impossible to keep up.

Olive was brilliant in this episode, with the wanting to be part of the detective team, being fed up of not being told what is going on, appearing to switch sides but really going deep undercover. She was absolutely great. Personally I wish that Emerson, Ned and Chuck would let her in to the 'knows that Ned can wake the dead' club, because she's done more than enough to prove that she can be trusted. She deserves to know about Ned's special power. I really thought that we were going to get there when she was asking Ned yes or no questions in the van (by the way I loved the Mobile Investigative Lab Facility (Mother)). I just really hope that Ned is eventually going to confide in her. Oh and by the way this might just be my imagination (it usually is) but I was really feeling a sort of Oliva/Hedda vibe (Hedda is the Norwegian Chuck).

And what about Ned's father finally showing up? It's weird how he knew all about Dwight being dead and to dig up Charles Charles' grave and then to be there to save Ned and everything. I'm thinking that Charles Charles is probably long gone by now and that the first place he went with his new found freedom is to see his old pal... erm... what's Ned's father's name again? In fact what's Ned's surname? Why does everyone have such a prominent surname except Ned? Oh and by the way, when are we going to see a grown up Eugene Mulchandani. Because it has to be coming. Ned undeaded his pets. Surely Eugene's getting a bit curious about why they aren't aging or dying or whatever. I'm sure he's going to make an appearance soon. Although I imagine his appearance is somewhat devalued now that Ned's dad is lurking on the sidelines. Anyway this was a good episode, it wasn't quite as scorebreaking as Comfort Food but it was thoroughly enjoyable throughout. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give it eleven thumbs up and a vial full of pigs spit. Hooray for the Norwegians!

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