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Folklore - Keats 1

Dirty Sexy Money 2x10 - The Organ Donor - Review

Posted on 2008.12.18 at 14:33
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This episode, it was a good episode but it wasn't as twisty turny exciting as the last episode. So I'm not an expert on how America works, but it seems to me that all the programs go on a little hiatus around about Christmas time. Personally I would have thought that the last episode, the one that ended with the big cliffhanger and the gunshots and everything, would have been a perfect episode to go into the hiatus. But that might just be me. Oh well. This was a good episode as well. I just think it would kind have been the perfect episode to restart the show after the hiatus. I'm going to stop going on about it now. After all this is a review of the episode, not of the scheduling of the channel that aired the episode. Though let me tell you if I ever do do a review of the scheduling of the channel that aired the episode I'm really going to let that channel have it.

So the episode. It starts off with a recap (would have been perfect to recap had it been say a month since the last episode) done in the style of a news program. For a minute I worry that the entire episode is going to take place in this news program format. My fears are quickly put to rest when Nick and Karen are shown to be watching the program. With regards to Nick and Karen I can see that there's something on the horizon between those two, and I wish them the best of luck. In fact the more I look at it, the more I can see the show starting to wind down, to move all the peices together to come to a conclusion. Because when you come to your conclusion you have to pair off all your main characters. So lets look at our main characters. Well there's Nick/Karen. That's a given. Tripp/Letitia of course. Then Jeremy, he's pretending he's got amnesia (did not see that one coming, although I did briefly think 'that's very handy that he got amnesia after hearing about Nola's brother'), he's going to pair off with Nola. Brian's sticking with Andrea (despite the fact that she isn't dying any more). Oh but wait Patrick. Now that Carmelita's gone (poor Carmelita, can't say I didn't see it coming though. The previous episode did seem to be about wrapping up her storyline a bit) he's got nobody. Oh and neither does Lisa. Is that a sign? Are Patrick and Lisa about to hook up and live happily ever after? Probably not. He'll probably become the president and so that's his happily ever after, and Lisa doesn't get a happily ever after because she's being made out to be evil now or something. Nevermind.

This was a good episode and I'm rather intrigued by the idea that Dutch might still be alive, however I can't help but feel that it's probably all an elaborate hoax from Tripp to make Brian and Nick believe that Dutch is still alive. Don't ask me why he'd do that, he just would. He's a manipulative bastard and when he's got nothing better to do with his time I imagine he just enjoys messing with people's heads for the fun of it. This was a good episode, and even better it didn't go all action packed at the end. I reckon that I'm going to give this episode eight thumbs up, and a flashcard with Nola Lyons' picture on it.

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