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Legacy of Kain - Kain

Unbreak My Brain

Posted on 2008.12.17 at 19:44
Current Mood:: angryangry
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"Don't leave me in all this pain,
This song is hurting my brain
Come back and bring back the hate
Come and take this tune away
I need you to annoy me now
Going out of my mind
Bring back those nights when I hated your guts

Unbreak my brain,
let me say I hate you again
Undo this pain that you caused
Cause I can't get your song
Out of my head
Let me unhear those words
I've really had enough
Unbreak my brain,
my brain..."

And so on. So now you've heard the song, here's the context: A year ago I used to hate Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash and probably a myriad of other people as well but they were the main culprits. I was so consumed that hate that something had to be done. So I staged an intervention and gave up arbitary hate for lent. So thrilled was I with my new appreciation for the world around me I decided to give up hate for good. Things progressed and I no longer felt the need to attack Amy and Lily and Kate for no reason whatsoever. Once or twice I even stuck up for them when other people were pointlessly hating them. But no more! I resolve to hate them again with every fibre of my being. I will not live in a world where I like a Lily Allen song. I simply will not tolerate it. I will continue to mangle the songs of Toni Braxton until I a) destroy Lily Allen through sheer hate b) run out of Toni Braxton songs or c) get bored. This I swear on my honour!

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