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Terminator - Cameron

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x13 - Earthlings Welcome Here - Review

Posted on 2008.12.16 at 22:54
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I consistently find episodes of Terminator: The Whatever Chronicles going over my head. After a little reflection I suppose that the last part of the episode with Sarah getting shot in the leg and crawling out of the building to see something in the sky should be exciting and tense. I should be tense, worried about Sarah's plight. However I just watched it with a sense of confused bewilderment. I guess my problem is I don't feel especially attached to the characters. The only character I really like is nigh-indestructable and everyone else I don't think I'd be terribly bothered should they die. Like Sarah. Add that to the fact that a leg wound hardly seems life threatening and I think the problem makes itself apparent.

Overall I liked Agent Ellison's storyline with John Henry. Personally I doubt that he'll be able to teach the machine right from wrong and sooner or later it'll use the Terminator body to go on a killing spree that would make Katherine Weaver proud. After that I liked the John/Riley/Cameron storyline the best. I loved the flashbacks showing what happened between Riley and Jesse. Especially since they've helped establish her as something of a single-minded bitch. When she's not cuddling up to Derek (speaking of Derek where is Derek?) she's as cold as ice. Then you've got Sarah's storyline, and it's one weird storyline. She's still obsessing over those dots, which mean nothing. Come on, how can they mean anything. They are three dots. If you look hard enough you'll see them anywhere. I have three dots on my arm. Am I a Terminator? Well that would explain why I don't have to eat, sleep or drink and really really want to kill Joss Stone. But that's beside the point. Anyway this week she takes a journey into the world of the UFO and goes searching for a mysterious probe that has the three dot logo on it. She meets a man who is on the run from some kind of mysterious company and then finds their warehouse and then gets a shot a bit and there's a massive probe in the sky above the warehouse. All that storyline just leaves me confused.

Anyway, I don't know how this is all going to come to a head in the second half of the season but it sounds like exciting times are on the horizon. What with John Henry and Katherine Weaver and Riley and the crazy grudge against Cameron that Jesse has and this business with the dots and the probes... I imagine it's going to be pretty spectacular. The one thing I will predict is that Riley will admit that she comes from the future and John will insist that she comes and lives with them like Derek did and Sarah won't like it but she never likes anything so who cares. Then... then I don't know what happens then. Whatever it is I doubt that Sarah would approve of it, and possibly neither would I. I much prefer John/Cameron. It's so wrong that it simply must happen. Overall I give this episode an eight thumbs up. For this score I'm ignoring the highly confusing and not at all exciting cliffhanger that just left me wondering whether I'd missed something important. Oh and I'm also giving it a Peachy Keen milkshake. Hooray for milkshakes!

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