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Chuck - Anna 3

Chuck 2x11 - Chuck Versus Santa Claus - Review

Posted on 2008.12.16 at 21:04
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Emmett Millbarge is Fulcrum. Evil evil Emmet. I know what you're thinking; there's lots of people in the world. You're thinking that not everyone that Chuck bumps into is going to be a spy. Well I'd agree and at the start of the episode I did agree. Then it turns out that Ned (Ned and Chuck? Seems familiar somehow...) and that negotiator guy were both Fulcrum and I promptly gave up my belief that not everyone Chuck meets is a spy. Emmet is Fulcrum. Think about it. Ned is in there looking for the person that Casey and Sarah are protecting, why would he let Emmet go so quickly unless he was 100% sure that that person was not Emmet. Also he lets him go at the negotiator's prompting. The negotiator who is also Fulcrum. Emmet is evil. End of case.

Anyway now that we've cleared that up lets get on with the review. I liked this episode. At first I liked it because for once there was no spy stuff going on it. For once it was just some crazy guy on the run from the law taking them hostage. By the way I loved his clueless Ned persona that he had at the start. As the episode progressed I liked it because it was a cleverly put together sting operation with Chuck stuck in the middle of it. I also liked it because Anna was in it and Anna is great. Although Morgan is such a wimp. Anna's brilliant. He really needs to man up a bit if he wants to keep hold of her. And if he doesn't, well a) he's a fool and b) I can get behind that because that would mean that she's free for other people (people who can man up when necessary) to go out with her.
This episode was unusual and that it took place in the Buy More allowed for some great moments. For example I loved Evil Emmett raving about the Buy More to the press once he'd been let out by his Fulcrum co-conspirators. Plus it was good to have an episode where Awesome and Ellie play key roles. I loved Awesome's little storyline where he wanted danger and everything and then after he'd had some danger he decided he wasn't that keen. Big Mike's cousin was great. And I loved Morgan's bit where he took on Ned and won, unfortunately Anna was a bit distracted by an unconscious Lester to notice Morgan as he seriously manned up and took on the bad guy and won. For a minute there I really thought that Anna/Lester were going to be the new couple (and I hated every minute of that minute that I thought that). I also loved the bit where Ned and the Negotiator want to realise Sarah and Chuck really doesn't want them to. That was brilliant.

There was some disconcerting things that happened in this episode as well. Chuck saw Sarah kill the Negotiator, and from his perspective I'm sure that it looked a lot more one sided than it actually was. Then Morgan witnessed Anna and Lester kiss, and from his perspective I'm sure it looked a lot more reciprocal than it actually was. People shouldn't go around looking at their girlfriends I think. Down that path madness lies. Anyway it was a good and an unusal episode. I liked the use of Christmas songs, although I must admit that perhaps the last few minutes more qualified as overuse of Christmas songs. Either way it was a good solid episode and I give it nine thumbs up and a bracelet from my mother.

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