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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Bloody EDS

Posted on 2004.07.31 at 14:56
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Well well. I'm back for a bit, it may just be till I finish this update or it might be even less and I just post it halfway through it's completement... Anyway over the last week I have been sicker than I can remember which I proclaim happened sometime while I was at Blackpool, the very next day I was suffering with a sore throat, which by the next day had developed into fully fledged EDS (Evil Disease Syndrome) with me throwing up about four times throughout the day and not being able to eat my birthday chocolates which I still haven't managed to eat.
By Tuesday I thought I'd healed myself by starving the virus or whatever it was to death, however as I spent all day wandering around with very little energy and massive thumping headaches I should have known that I hadn't managed it. By Wednesday it was time to go to the city centre so that I could attend my first Jasper Fforde book signing, which I'll talk more about later. Thursday I was running to the toilet almost all night and my headaches had knocked themselves up a notch to the point when even the tick of a clock would set me off on a journey of such intense head aching pain that there are simply no words to describe how bad I felt that day. Then I was sick a couple more times and I slept through most of Friday, which was yesterday, at least I hope that it was yesterday. Today I've not been so bad, I've actually been awake most of the morning and have read a bit of a book I bought on Wednesday, so I'm almost back to my old self.... man I can almost taste the lesbians.

Anyway because I'm fully aware of how long my posts can extend to I'm going to cut these sections and they can be read through at your own convenience or, if you're being forced then perhaps because you were forced by some evil bloke with big black fuzzy eyebrows.

Well my birthday went well. I got a lot of lovely cash from people, as I've mentioned previously. There was also champagne and chocolates, although after just the champagne I was having a hard time retaining my balance and thought I looked like a right fool to all present. Later on I drew a little comic for Cat but I still haven't had the wherewithal (if thats how you spell it) to actually get off my arse and do something about it. Aside from that and a chat with Cja in which I swear I was totally sober nothing much happened.

Blackpool was too cold. I hate Blackpool. However the rides were fun, even though I was too much shaking in my boots to go on any of the really good ones me and my cousins went on the swamp boats and smashed into each other like mad. It was fantastic. I also got a giant purple cowboy hat, which I'd still be wearing if it wasn't for the EDS headaches and things. And we had some fish and chips. That was nice. Oh and when we were walking down to the beach I burst out into a nice song about Blackpool and my cousin joined in but I don't remember the words any more so... whatever.

Jasper Fforde was excellent, even though I hadn't really eaten in like a week and my leg went out of control while I was having my book signed. I was there trying to have an intelligent discourse about writing things and how I can't have any effort and my leg looked like it was trying to make a break for freedom. Well anyway I spent lots of money on DVDs and not so much on books. I am now the proud owner of 'Trainspotting - The Definitive Edition', 'Pulp Fiction - 2 DVD Edition' 'Fight Club - 2 DVD Edition' and 'Snatch - 2 DVD Edition' and all because of the stupid promotion from HMV. 2 DVDs for £20...! Hah! Most of the DVDs on their own cost more than £20!

And that's your lot for now. Except to welcome Gleno to the livejournal thingy. You'll like it here. There are sexy lesbians and stuff, and if there isn't then there damn well should be.


cja_3000 at 2004-07-31 15:16 (UTC) (Link)
He Lives!

Good to hear your feeling a bit better mate, hope you make a full recovery soon. I noticed that same thing at HMV and thought what a greay thing to get two dvds for £19.99 each for £20. The profit is mindblowing but then when you look at the situation closer I will most probably never have £20...:p

And hey look its my name, that was ages ago wasnt it, the whole phone call thing...anyway hey again Gleno for like the 20th time!
catindisguise at 2004-08-01 11:55 (UTC) (Link)
Hurray! He's not dead!

I blame CJA for making you ill, you talked to him and got ill and I talked to him and go ill! Buuuuuurn him!
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