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Heroes - Ando Mashahashi

Heroes 3x13 - Dual - Review

Posted on 2008.12.16 at 16:48
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Wow. Now that was an exciting episode. It normally takes me a while to do my reviews, just from the sheer amount that happens in a Heroes episode nowadays, but I get the feeling that after this one I could be here for hours. So I guess I'll get right to it.

First up I want to address the weird experiences in the future that Hiro and Peter had throughout this volume. Because Hiro went to the future in either the first or second epsiode and in that episode the future was all explody with some kind of black mist tornado tearing it's way through Japan. Then in that one where Peter and Future Peter go to the future well I can't remember what the specific apocalypse was in that instance but everything was all weird and wrong. Now I appreciate that my understanding of this issue is less than perfect but I'm not sure whether they are supposed to have averted the evil future of the Powernadoquake or whether the details have just changed. But since there was no climactic scene in which Hiro and Ando battled over the formula, then I'm guessing that this possible future hasn't fully played out yet. In fact in light of the latest developments I think that scene takes on a different meaning altogether. The formula still in tact and Hiro's feeling betrayed and then Ando shoots him with his power that enhances abilities. I'm personally betting that Ando somehow copied the formula before Hiro destroyed it (don't ask me how), he did this because he wants to restore Hiro's power (because he's an awesome friend), Hiro feels betrayed that Ando went behind his back to give him his power back and then Ando blasts him with extra power to... erm... make him travel through time or something? Okay I don't really understand what's going on there but I think that idea is as good as any other.

I think that this end of the volume represented a minor win for the forces of good. Arthur is dead, but Nathan's only just getting warmed up. After seeing this episode I've come to the conclusion that Nathan is a villain, and a villainous villain at that. Throughout the whole series he's had the opportunity to do good. Sometimes he's taken it, like stopping Peter from releasing the virus and other times he's not been interested, like being okay with Angela scheming to blow up New York. Ultimately I think that he's probably more of a villain than Sylar. Sylar's never had opportunities to do good. He's got that hunger for powers that he can't control, then he's got people manipulating him, telling him that they're his parents when they're not even close (personally i'm impressed that both Angela and Arthur managed to come up with the 'i'm your parent' ruse independant of one another). He loses his powers and decides that he wants to live a normal life and what happens? He gets hunted down and killed by Noah. Ultimately Nathan is a bigger villain than Sylar because Sylar tried to do good when he had the opportunity. When Nathan had that opportunity he decided he was going to follow in his father's footsteps in dooming the world.

So to actually address some of the storylines: Peter, with the aid of Flint and Knox, destroyed what was left of the formula (inadvertantly curing Mohinder as he did so). Then Flint turned on him and events spiralled out of control until Peter injected himself with the formula and flew Nathan to safety. At this point in time there's an argument to be made for the injection giving Peter the power of flight, and a similar argument to be made for the injection reawakening his power of empathic mimicry which he used to mimic Nathan's power of flight. Personally I think the latter because if it was just chance that he'd gained the power of flight imagine how foolish he would have felt plummeting from the top floor of Pinehearst without Sylar around to telepathically break his fall. After all it's been established that just having an injection does not mean you know the nature of your power. I personally think the idea is that everyone has a power that is in them, they just need the formula to activate it. I like Daphne's theory that if you wish hard enough and say you believe in fairies then you can have whatever power you want and it'd make a lovely bedtime story but I think in terms of how accurate it is, well I don't think it's very accurate. I will hazard a guess that Peter's lost all the powers that he had before the powers were sucked out of him and if he wants them back he's going to need to revisit them.

Sylar's gone all creepy and took complete control of the Company, imprisoning Angela, Claire, Noah and Meredith inside. He then plays games with them attempting to convince them that they're all monsters or something. The point is he offers to let everyone go if Claire kills Angela. I think she should have took him up on that one. Angela's got bad news written all over her. Killing her would practically be an act of heroism after some of the atrocities that she's tried to commit. Anyway Claire doesn't want to kill her so Sylar's forced to get a bit more creative. He overloads Meredith with adrenaline and locks her in a room with Noah and a gun with one bullet. Will Noah kill Claire's biological mother in order to save himself from her out of control power? Nope. He'll wait for Claire to come along and then leave Meredith to burn up and die. What's up with that anyway? It's fire, and she's Meredith. You might as well try to drown a fish. Same with Flint who probably isn't dead either. On the other hand we have people who probably are dead: Knox, Scott (that army guy), Echo (that guy who was in those "well acted" webisodes), Danny Pine (that guy who could turn himself into metal) and Doyle (the puppet guy). Sylar is also apparently dead for now. But that won't last long, someone will probably sift through the wreckage of the building and go "Hey what's this dead guy doing with glass in the back of his neck? That doesn't look very comfortable. I'll just... Hey look, he's not actually dead. Now he's doing things. What's that you're telekenetically slicing open? Is it my brain? Yes, it's my brain... Hey! Stop that!"

Then you've got Hiro stuck on a flagpole, stuck in the past. Hiro was so awesome the way he managed to not only right himself on the flagpole but climb back up into the building and resolve to change the future for the better. He had a good idea but all he managed to do was give Kaito the idea to store the two halfs of the formula seperately. Back in the now Matt, Daphne and Ando get Ando all powered up. I love Ando's power. Even though the nature of the power is such that if he's on his own he's practically useless. Also if he was to go up against a villain with a power like that he might be even worse than useless. Can you imagine them coming up against whoever it is that causes this Powernadoquake and Ando accidentally supercharges the guy. He could end up tearing the Earth in half. I loved Ando and Daphne teaming up to rescue Hiro. Okay I don't understand physics so I'm not 100% on what's possible and what's theoretically possible and everything but I can get how he and Daphne travelled all the way back to sixteen years ago and got Hiro. How did they then travel back to the future? Doesn't travelling really fast make her go backwards in time? Did Ando make her go really really slowly or something? Actually I don't want to know. If I try to understand that it's going to make my brain implode. And then I'll have to clean up the mess. No thanks!

Personally I find myself having had enough of Tracey. She's played her role. She's switched sides and flipped and flopped all over the place and only used her powers approximately twice (it had got to the point where I forgot she had powers) and now I'm bored with her. Let her go and do something else now, and while your at it, lets never speak of Barbara again. Ali Larter's good but she's not so good that we want her to play yet another character. On the plus side during the sneak peek of Volume Four she was nowhere to be seen (yay!), but on the downside Nathan seems to have sold out all the people with powers. Actually is it just me or is that a weird move on his part? Wasn't he just in favour of powers just five minutes ago? Now he wants to have everyone with powers hunted down? What a hypocrite. It's unusual because I wasn't superexcited by the teaser for Volume Four like I was with the teasers for Volumes Two and Three. Although on the plus side Micah was in that folder that he gave to the President. Maybe Micah might be making a return? Maybe Micah and Monica? I miss all the characters that start with M. Like Molly. And Maya. And Mlaude. Especially Mlaude. Where in the hell is he? You think with all the people that had been coming back from previous seasons he would have put an appearance in at least once.

Overall I give this episode nine thumbs up and a big chunk of frozen Knox flesh. Tracey's ability is the grossest!

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