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Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x12 - Do You Take Dexter Morgan? - Review

Posted on 2008.12.15 at 19:12
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I was very surprised to see Ramone take such a prominent role in this episode. I suppose I shouldn't really have been all that surprised, Dexter did just kill Miguel. It would have been weird had Ramone not tried to get some kind of revenge or whatever it was that he was doing. Personally I'm not 100% on what was going on between Dexter and Ramone. Dexter was there, ready to threaten to reveal Miguel's murder of Ellen to Ramone when he changes his mind and I'm not entirely certain for why he does this. The best I can figure out is he feels sorry for Ramone because Ramone's just been doing what he has to to clear up Miguel's messes and he's just acting out of hurt. Lets just hope that Dex doesn't decide that Ramone can be his new bestest friend in the whole wide world.

I was also very surprised to see the Skinner take such an unprominent (is that a word?) role in this episode. I'd expected him to make his move sooner and that a large part of the episode would be Dexter attempting to escape or come up with a clever plan to kill him or something, but I was to be mistaken. You see Dexter doesn't precisely need a clever plan, for he's just demonstrated that he's pretty good at killing people. Okay he's killed people before but I'm betting it's easier when they are celophaned to a table unable to defend themselves. I don't think we've ever seen Dexter in a proper fight against someone before. He handled himself pretty good. Actually what am I saying 'pretty good'? He broke the Skinners neck while he was suffering from a broken hand. Dexter is like some kind of ninja.

I was also surprised at Debs actually sticking with a man until the end of a series. Okay the first series doesn't really count as she was going out with the Ice Truck Killer and so there was no future there. I liked Lundi from the second series though. It would have been good if he'd stuck around because although Anton's good, Lundi was great, plus he had an awesome calming effect on Debs. I'm really pleased that she's been made a detective now. It's funny but one of the themes of this episode seemed to be that everyone's got their own little secrets. Angel meeting his girlfriend while soliciting prostitutes, Debs sleeping with Anton when she wasn't supposed to, LaGuerta knowing about Miguel killing Ellen, Rita having had a previous marriage previous to her previous marriage.

Most of the stuff got tied up in this episode but not everything. The fight with the Skinner must have been messy. Dexter normally has lots of time to tidy up after him but in this situation it seems more than likely that some DNA Evidence (!) or something, got left behind. Plus there's Debs closing in on Laura Moser, Dexter's mother. I'm getting the sense that the next season might be about people finding out about Dexter's little secret. I've wanted Debs to find out about it ever since the end of the first season when I wad disappointed that she didn't. However this morning I came to realise that it doesn't matter what happens in the book because Debs isn't the same Debs that she is in the book. I don't think that Debs would be able to accept Dexter as a killer, not without some extremely special circumstances. I still would like to see a storyline involving the uncovering of Dexter's secret identity but I'm not sure that I would want Debs to know. If she knew and didn't have Dexter immediately arrested then that whjole situation is pretty unlikely.

Overall this was a good end to the season. It tied up most of the loose ends while leaving a couple of threads still hanging, ready to be unravelled next season. I give it nine thumbs up, a score I would echo for the entire season taken as a whole.

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