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Merlin 1x13 - Le Morte d'Arthur - Review

Posted on 2008.12.14 at 16:08
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So it was the last episode of the current series of Arthur and it was an exciting episode. Wait hang on. I think I've made something of a mistake there. The current series of Arthur? Well there you go, that's my stupid brain in action. I think it would be foolish to attempt to review the episode now that I've discovered I don't even know what the program is called. So I guess I'm off then.



Screw that. I'm here, I'm reviewing it whether my brain wants me to or not. So to kick things off they find the Questing Beast. I bet they wish that Sir Pellinore hadn't been killed by Valiant back in episode two eh? My limited grasp of Arthurian legend suggests that Pellinores are pretty good at fighting Questing Beasts. Anyway it turns out that Merlin's pretty good at fighting Questing Beasts as well. But in the meantime the Questing Beast bites Arthur and according to Gaius there's no cure for a Questing Beast bite. So Merlin rushes off to see the dragon, who if he's so bloody intelligent how is he still locked up under the castle? Answer me that one! Anyway the dragon knows a place where Merlin will be able to save Arthur by trading one life for another. Hijinks ensue as it turns out the life that Nimueh ends up sacrificing is Merlin's mother. Gaius rushes off to let Nimueh kill him and then Merlin fights and kills Nimueh thus saving both Gaius and his mother because he's so awesome or something. I think the idea is that Nimueh was doing some kind of spell to choose who had to die instead of Arthur and Merlin did the spell better than her and decreed that she had to die for Arthur. Or something. Anyway everything's all good and back to normal, except the dragon and Merlin are now not friends anymore. Merlin was all shocked when he found out that the dragon is only helping him because Merlin can free him from his prison. Merlin obviously thought that the dragon liked living in that prison, or something. Of course the dragon wants out of his prison. Wouldn't you?

So anyway apart from the dragon and Merlin being enemies now everything is back to normal. Nobody is dead, no secrets have been revealed. Nothing. Which is a damn shame. This episode although good does reek of missed potential. Last and first episodes of any given season are the only episodes in which anything can really change. People can die. Secrets can be revealed. To let one go by without anything really changing is a bit of a waste. Personally if I were in charge of the series I'd have had Gaius die and Merlin reluctantly agree to join forces with Nimueh. Then in the first episode of season two Nimueh ingratiates herself into Camelot (it'd be a tough sell to let the king sign off on her but maybe after a hell of a lot of convincing the king realises that someone who can use magic and who knows about magic that he can control will help him destroy other magic users). Nimueh is very keen to kill the king and put Arthur in charge but Merlin convinces her that Arthur isn't ready yet. For the rest of the season she helps out when not helping out would negatively affect her, she sometimes tries to plot against the king which Merlin puts a stop to and sometimes she tries to blackmail Merlin into helping her out with some shady projects. Eventually when the end of the season comes around she goes full on evil again and Merlin eventually kills her at that point.

Anyway since none of that ever happened that's neither here nor there. It was a good episode with excitement and adventure and really wild things but it had potential to do a massive change for the next season. To keep things interesting so I'm going to have to mark it down a bit for not using that potential. Eight thumbs up I say and a glass of water from the cup of life.

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