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Killer7 - Con Smith

Dirty Sexy Money 2x08 - The Plan - Review

Posted on 2008.12.12 at 03:45
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Okay I'm a bit later than usual with posting my review but I've been busy today. There has been actual events going on in my actual life. Going to the shops, putting up a christmas tree. It takes it out of you when all you usually do is sit about playing computer games and watching the latest episodes of far too many programs.

Anyway so what happened now? Oh yeah Ellen's brother came back and went insane. At first I thought that Tripp and Nola and Patrick were all being a bit hasty in wanting him imprisoned because he wanted to expose what he believed to be the truth. Then all this happens and it looks like they had the right idea, or at least that's how they will percieve it, in actuality the whole insanity has only happened because they've tried to lock him up for being insane. Back in the real world where causes are supposed to come before effects they had completely the wrong idea and you can just tell that Tripp requested that Chase be arrested. He's always behind these things. He can't stand not getting his way and then he lies through his teeth. I think they're all going as bad as one another on this program. Okay Simon Elder still holds the title for most villainous villain but I wouldn't be surprised if he had some competition before long. So what was going on? Yes Chase was going mad. Karen goes over to apologise to Nick and ends up getting confronted by Chase. She and Nick will probably be getting together next week. Then Chase is apparently bored of hanging out with her and goes to dramatically shoot three bullets where Patrick is being sworn in. If he's hit someone with those bullets (good chance he has) then he's hit Patrick. He thinks Patrick killed Ellen, he's not going to be aiming anywhere else. On the other hand I have a bit of a nagging feeling that this might be the end for Carmalita. She might attempt to save Patrick by taking the bullets for him or something. Speaking of people dying I thought the bit between Brian and Andrea was really sad this week. Previously it's been sad in theory (I can tell it's supposed to be sad but I've not been feeling it) but today it was seriously sad. Of course she later started to recover but it was still sad. Looks like he'll be heading back off to the church then. The sensible logical person in me would say that it's a mere coincidence that she recovered after prayer, but the excitable and irrational part of my brain goes 'miracle'. While a third part of my brain forgets what it was going to say. Blimey, I had a good punchline for a joke then as well and now it's gone. Oh well, that's my stupid brain for you; I give it two thumbs up (which, for those unfamiliar with my scoring system, is really bad).

Anyway it was a really good episode this week, even if it does seem to be going in an odd direction. I think I can handle it if this is like a one off event but if this is a sign of things to come and all episodes are going to start ending in shootouts then I think it's probably for the best that Dirty Sexy Money is on it's way out. Overall I give it eight thumbs up and a report card from it's kidnapped brother.

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