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House 5x11 - Joy To The World

Posted on 2008.12.10 at 18:52
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I have to warn you that I spaced a bit during this episode and so I'm even less certain of the whole chain of events surrounding the patient of the week than usual. I got the whole was pregnant, had a child, now is dying of eclampsia bit, but the bit that made giving a homeless person a rectal exam eludes me. I got that assigning it to Taub was a way to get back at Taub for foiling his clever scheme but why bother in the first place? What connection did this homeless man have to the POTW? Unless I'm just being dense and the whole thing was motivated out of spite. Anyway it was a bit sad, the whole POTW thing. I like how this episode and the episode Joy have a similarity, in that they both involve children that Cuddy wants to adopt. I'm sure that it's no coincidence that they both have the word Joy in the title.

I loved House attempting to be nice to patients in this episode. In fact I loved that whole bit, with House using one of Wilson's old presents to try and stir up some speculation from his team and then Wilson's seemingly half-hearted effort to get House to try to be nice. Wilson was really clever there. He knew that any obvious and overt attempt to get House to be nice would be easily spotted and shot down, so decrying the futility of any attempt to get him to be nice is a clever and subtle way to get House to try to prove you wrong. The whole bit about parthenogenesis was really funny. I was even taken in a bit. I suppose if it had been really House would have been a bit more enthused about it when he went back to his team but I just figured he didn't like to brag. Which is stupid because House loves to brag. Okay so a bit of brain failure there, but still I loved that whole bit.

As for Thirteen and Foreman: Do not want. I've seen it coming but Thirteen and Foreman shouldn't be anywhere near each other. I didn't mind Chase and Cameron but I might have done had I figured Cameron had the opportunity to be in a lesbian relationship. I say that Chase and Cameron split up and Foreman and Thirteen split up and Cameron and Thirteen form a relationship. It's one way to keep Cameron in the show. Overall I'd say it was a good episode and it gets a seven and a half thumbs up. It would have got higher but for the unwanted Thirteen/Foreman action. I think I finally know how people who don't like House/Cuddy feel. And that feeling is sad.

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