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Chuck - Anna Wu 2

Chuck 2x10 - Chuck Versus The Delorean - Review

Posted on 2008.12.09 at 23:07
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ANNA! This episode had Anna in it! I love Anna. I like Morgan but he's an idiot. Seriously Morgan, Anna wants to move in with you. That's a good. Don't moan about it. That'd be like me going "Oh no. I've just won the lottery. What am I going to do with all this money now?" Actually I should check the lottery. Right back. Christ, I have won the lottery as well. What in the blue blazes am I going to do with this money? No but seriously don't moan about beautiful women wanting to live in the same place as you. That's a recipe for being impressively ungrateful.

Okay so the main thrust of the episode wasn't about Anna. It was more about Sarah and her father who was a conman. After Chuck gets really curious as to what's going on with Sarah he goes out and spies on her in a really unconvincing way. After seeing how ineffectually he spied on her you'd be forgiven for thinking he isn't a spy and that he's never met one in his life. Anyway thanks to Chuck's quick thinking and the way these things usually work out they ended up in the ideal position to con a, presumably evil arms baron or something, out of a whole bunch of cash while providing the CIA with important information about said evil arms baron and bond with Sarah's father. In the end the whole bonding with her father thing must have worked because not only was she willing to put her life on the line in an ill-fated attempt to rescue him but she also let him get away to con another day. As for Sarah's father, well I liked him. I didn't think I was going to but I did. He's one of the few people who they meet who doesn't turn out to be an evil Fulcrum spy or whatever.

The best bits this week were Chuck trying on a German accent and the whole business with Morgan and the Delorean. Deloreans are rubbish but I'd buy one. It's all the fault of Back To The Future. If they'd used a car which actually worked then maybe people would want to own cars that actually work, rather than idolising Deloreans. Overall I give this episode eight thumbs up and a supercool, but superuseless Delorean.

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