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Heroes - Elle Bishop

Heroes 3x12 - Our Father - Review

Posted on 2008.12.09 at 20:59
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So... that was interesting. So does Arthur just have every power there is then? Okay we probably have seen him teleport about the place before, but time travel? That's smacks of deus ex machina. Anyway Hiro is in peril and Ando is stepping up to the plate, heading off trying to get hold of a power for himself so he can rescue Hiro. I think we're getting ever closer to that Powernadoquake that we saw in the first episode, after all we can't forget that Ando had a power back then as well.

I liked the Hiro and Claire in the past segments of the program. I prefered Hiro's adventures in the past because Claires adventures in the past leaned towards the cliche (interact with family, make cryptic comments about the future, that kind of thing). I loved seeing Hiro in the kitchen attempting to make that food for his mother, and then getting to see her one last time and tell her all about his life. Plus, yay!, she gives him the catalyst. I knew that Hiro had the catalyst. I've been saying it for weeks. Why would Claire have the catalyst. Giving her the catalyst would be just plain stupid. So Hiro with newly restored memories, yay!, and catalyst makes his way up to the roof to talk to Claire. Suddenly Arthur has the power to travel through time and he grabs Hiro, takes his powers and throws him off the roof (onto a flagpole luckily), then sends Claire back to the future.

Anyway Sylar's gone back to the bad, which is a good. He's tried out being good this series. He wanted to be good so desperately. He worked for the company, then he worked for Pinehearst. Eventually he didn't want to be good but just wanted to be a villain but working for Pinehearst, then he wanted to be normal. Now he wants the truth and to kill Arthur. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster for him, but he's finally back to where he started and I think I like his whole storyline this volume now that it seems to be coming to a close. I was a bit unkeen (is that a word?) because I thought the whole point was to turn him into a goody two-shoes. The idea of which I didn't like. Since the idea was just to jerk him about and piss him off then I think it was a very entertaining storyline. He gets back to what he's good at... hunting down people and stealing their powers and their brains. And cake. I love the new lie detector thing he's got going. Especially the accompanying sound effect. I'd love to tape that sound effect and then carry it around with me in real life and play it every time I think someone is lying to me. That wouldn't be annoying at all. I loved the scene where he got in the lift all bloody. The only thing that was missing from that was him carrying a slice of cake. That would have made that scene. Perhaps he got greedy and pigged out on the cake, eating it all after the slaughter. By the end of the episode he goes back to Arthur and confronts him. Is he really his father? The answer is no, and the reward for that answer is a bullet in the head. Score one for Sylar. I can almost forgive him for killing Elle and bringing a premature end on Elle and Claire's budding lesbian relationship.

Then there's Peter who has been tasked with the task of killing his father. He and the Haitian have a chat about how hard it will be to kill his own father. In the end Peter takes far too long to pull the trigger. Nothing really that exciting going on here. I think the moral of the story is that Peter is a bit useless when he doesn't have any powers and so he needs to get them back. There's also the storyline with Nathan which as it turns out is more morally ambiguous than I thought it would be. Based on the applicants for the powers I'd say that either Arthur was trying to give people powers for good reasons or he was trying to create his own superpowered army to take over the world. Probably option B. Nathan looks like he might be taking over the role of Big Bad now that Arthur has gone, which isn't a surprise. He's been morally indecisive ever since the first season. In other news Tracey really likes power.

Oh right... my bad... Arthur got the time travel from Peter. Of course. That makes sense now. Erm anyway I kind of drifted off there. Where was I? Daphne, Matt and Ando? Well they head off to find the legendary lost notebook of Isaac Mendez. Why didn't Isaac just tell people what he'd painted? I really hope that that sketchbook is the last thing of Isaac Mendez's that ever gets found. If people keep finding more and more of his lost paintings I'm going to have to wonder if he did anything other than paint. I loved it where the bike messenger tried to flee with the sketchbook, but I would have liked that scene even more had it been shot from Daphne's perspective and shown her casually walking through the traffic and stopping the bike messenger.

Overall this was a good episode... but oh hang on there's that whole thing with that Iraq veteran who now has super strength. Personally I was hoping he'd have an awesome power we've never seen before, like the power to cut the power to buildings and make an earthquake and a tornado and all that. It'd be really awesome if it turned out that some random turned out to be the Big Bad cause of the Powernadoquake. Anyway aside from superstrength being a bit old hat he seemed okay. So anyway yes, it was a good episode that definately makes more sense now I've figured out where Arthur nicked his time travelly powers from. Also two reasons I love this episode: 1. I was write about Hiro being the catalyst. 2. I was right about Arthur and Angela not being Sylar's parents (okay so far Angela still could be his mother and he has a different father (like Adam Munroe or someone) but you get my point). Overall it gets eight thumbs up and the final final issue of 9th Wonders! straight from the pen of Isaac Mendez's ghost.

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