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Terminator - Cameron

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x12 - Alpine Fields - Review

Posted on 2008.12.09 at 05:30
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So if last week's episode was the Cameron/John episode, this is the Derek/Sarah episode. And trust me this episode does suffer from not having enough Cameron. Bizarrely there wasn't much action going on in this episode. I say bizarrely because it is rather bizarre. This family is being hunted down by a Terminator that wants them dead and yet all the action seems to take place off camera. That kind of thing suggests that this episode was supposed to be about more than just action, like it's supposed to be a character peice. To give us insights into Derek's character and to introduce us to Lauren. Actually why does my brain keep doing that? I keep thinking that Lauren is going to move in with them. I think I'm mentally blocking out the final scene because I don't really know what to make of it. At first my reaction was that Lauren wasn't in fact Lauren but a Terminator whose function was to steal the newborn child. Now my reaction is that she abandoned the pendant because she knows she's got to be strong. Here's betting that she'll turn into a total clone of Sarah Connor.

In the future Derek had something of a death wish after his brother went missing (back into the past to impregnante Sarah Connor). He heads off on his own to a camp which has been flooded with a lethal and seemingly unstoppable virus to rescue the sole survivor. Speaking of the sole survivor, what is she doing. She seems aware that anyone coming in is going to die because of the evil disease that permeates the very foundation of the place, that not even gas masks can save you from it's wrath, and yet she's in the radio room trying to get more people to come to her aid? In the end it all worked out well though. Lauren and Sydney are well and they use Sydney to cure Derek and Jesse and everyone's happy. I think meeting Jesse has even managed to cure Derek's willingness to die.

Overall I'm finding it hard to come up with good positive things to say about this episode, which is weird because I rather enjoyed it at the time. I attribute that failure to my brain and I will be having very harsh words with it when I've had some sleep. For me the best bit of the episode was the birth. Not because I love children or anything but I just loved the unintentionally hilarious timing of it. One second she's not had the baby, the next second she has. Okay I'm sure lots of intervening time was cut for the sake of not being very interesting, but it did just look like the child had just popped out. Overall it was a reasonable episode that would have benefited from more Cameron. Seven thumbs up and a whole box of useless gas masks.

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