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Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x11 - I Had A Dream - Review

Posted on 2008.12.08 at 15:22
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Okay yeah Miguel's dead and everything but I think you're probably missing the point. Dexter just inadvertantly mentioned that his dad had an affair with a CI, which is policespeak for Confidential Informant. That's important! Especially since Debs has gone down to the records office to find out more on that subject. The confidential informant we're aware of Harry having an affair with is Dexter's mother and that's a path that leads to a whole place of badness. Badness that includes: Dexter's mother being chainsawed to death in a crate with Dexter and Brian present, Brian himself, he was the ice-truck killer and tried to marry and then kill Debs and then was killed by Dexter. This is the big important issue of the episode. Debs is going to find out about everything. About his mother... About his brother... About how he's a killer! This is potentially disasterous... but admittedly very exciting.

Okay there's other excitement to be had. Miguel's dead... the Skinner is still out there and probably going to be coming after Dexter at the wedding... Everything's going to fall apart. I know I always say that anything can happen on the last episode of a season but literally anything could happen last week. Never has an episode had so much potential. Debs could find out, LaGuerta could find out (Dex best have a good alibi for what happened with Miguel). Hell if Debs and LaGuerta put their heads together there's potential for everyone to find out. Dexter could be exposed. And the Skinner. He's something of an unknown variable. I'm ridiculously excited for next week's episode. I kind of wish I'd waited and then watched all the epsiodes after the full season had aired but that wouldn't help. I wouldn't see it any sooner. In fact I'd see it a hell of a lot later.

The bit at the start where Dexter appeared to have been kidnapped by the Skinner but was just on his way to his bachelor party was brilliant. A bit of an unfortunate way to travel to a bachelor party though. I don't know about anybody else but I wouldn't want that. Who would want that? Not me. I'm glad that Miguel got what was coming to him. He was an utter monster and utterly incapable of telling the truth. I loved the bit when Dexter had him all tied up and everything (loved that whole scene actually) and he tells Dexter that he's like a brother to him. "I killed my brother." then "I killed your brother." So brilliant. I'm glad that Miguel's gone and I declare this to be official Miguel's Gone Day. We'll celebrate it every year by rewatching this episode, then there will be a parade through the streets with a picture of Miguel where he's not in it (that's one hell of a confusing picture let me tell you). I give this episode ten thumbs up and a really confusing picture. Bravo!

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