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Death Note - L

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine - Review

Posted on 2008.12.08 at 02:37
Current Mood:: bouncybouncy
Current Music:: Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name
You could judge that I like this more than the Stone Roses on the simple fact that I wrote far more notes while listening to it but to do that is like skipping to the end of a good tale. Except instead of a good tale it's a possibly tedious review. So... erm... the moral of the story is skip things if you want to... or if you need to because you're hurrying to a wedding or something... but sometimes people have things to say in the form of reviews. And this is one of those times.

1. Bombtrack
This track starts slow and starts to build. It's very clever, you can almost feel it about to kick in before it does. When it does it has a brilliant rhythm (prepare to hear that a lot) and is really catchy. I can instantly tell from this track alone that this is an album which is more suited to my taste and I'm probably going to love it.

2. Killing In The Name
At the start it sounds like pots and pans are rattling around, or as wrote down in the notes: "being clumfed together". It's got a great rhythm and an incredible build throughout the track. This is an incredible song. It's a really powerful song, with really powerful lyrics and at the same time really catchy and very heavy and just fantastic. And the ending of the song is incredible.

3. Take The Power Back
This track kicks off with some weird noises and then some heavy bass guitar action. It's not as catchy as Killing In The Name but is still good. This is something that occurred a lot with this album, but as it got near to the end of the song I'd made my mind up about it and then suddenly it presents me with something new. In this case the heavy guitar goes away and the song becomes much lighter for just a minute before kicking it back into the rock.

4. Settle For Nothing
This song starts a lot slower than the other songs so far. The lyrics of this song are really dark and provocative and are drawn attention to more than lyrics previously as they don't have a heavy guitar backing them. It forces you to pay attention to them. The harsh lyrics of this song and the heavy guitar are counterpointed halfway through the song by an unexpected transition into something that almost sounds like light jazz. This is a great song, intense and thought provoking.

5. Bullet In The Head
There's a great rhythm in this one, and I like the unusual sound effects used throughout the track. I really like how this song breaks down near the end.

6. Know Your Enemy
This track starts just like Bombtrack but heavier. This song has a brilliant guitar section. It's not as catchy as Killing In The Name but it does boast strong rhythms and I love the bit where the singing is somewhat subdued but seems to drown out the music itself. The end of this song is just perfect, with the singer repeating "All of which are American dreams" after the music has gone. It would have been good with just one but because it carries on for so long it's perfect.

7. Wake Up
This music is awesome. It is instantly recognisable and just brilliant. There's something unique about how RATM sing. While it isn't what could be described as technically great singing it's so rhythmically perfect, all the lyrics just seem to click together so perfectly, with no room for anything else. This is a great album, it's very angry and almost a literal call to arms. Like for example the screaming of "Wake Up" at the end. I love this album because they are so angry, it practically seethes through the music. It's just so passionate, it's great.

8. Fistful of Steel
Starts with strange reverby noise which quickly develops into an awesome guitar riff. This song is full of strange sound effects, which enhance the track. They make it sound gritty and rough and raw in parts.

9. Township Rebellion
There is a faster pace in this song, which is quickly supplanted by a heavy guitar segment. The quickness of the faster paced segment along with the whistle seems to instil a feeling of panic.

10. Freedom
This is a good track with a good rhythm, but it isn't the epic finale track that I thought it was going to be, considering it's the last track on the album. I love the repeated whispering of "Anger is a gift". The end with the transmission dying is fantastic.

Overall I love this album. It's got great heavy rock with fantastic beats and harsh thought provoking lyrics. The lyrics that stay with me the most is the "Anger is a gift bit" from Freedom. In the end this is an angry album but it's a positive one because it's saying that we have the power to fight authority, to fight the machine and that our anger is a gift. This is definately what I would classify as a masterpeice. I give it a tremendous ten thumbs up.

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