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Merlin 1x12 - To Kill The King - Review

Posted on 2008.12.06 at 23:05
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I am aware that for the very nature of the series necessitates that Uther stays in charge and that magic has to stay under the radar. Once Arthur has taken over and let people use magic the series is essentially over. However this doesn't stop me from wanting Uther dead. After watching this episode I managed to get into a massive debate over whether or not the king is evil. Whether he is just doing his best to defend his country or whether he is persecuting everyone who can use magic like a tyrannical racist dictator (but discriminating against magic instead of race, which I suppose makes him more a tyrannical magicist dictator, but lets not argue semantics). I compared him to Gunn's old gang from episode 3x03 of Angel (That Old Gang of Mine) as someone who kills magic-users/demons simply because they are different, not bothering to consider whether they are evil or not. This may seem like a particuarly random thing to compare Uther to, but considering we just rewatched that episode of Angel yesterday it seems pretty applicable. The long and the short of that argument is that my nan likes Uther because he's played by Giles and I dislike him because I oppose his moral standpoint.

This was an exciting episode, as you can imagine from the aforementioned discussion I wanted Merlin to let Uther die. Ultimately I think this episode ended satisfactorily though. Morgana decided that deep down Uther probably isn't a heartless monster and manages to stop Toren where she would have failed had Merlin not killed the other two guys. Actually did he kill them? He lightninged them but I suppose he could have set his magic stick for stun. But if he did kill them, as is suggested, then why is it okay to kill them but not to kill the king? Meh. I can tell you one thing, that dragon is going to be in a huff next time. I can almost see him making some remark about why Merlin bothers coming and asking his advice if he never takes it.

Overall this was a good episode, but it was a very serious one. There was only like one or two moments of comedy in the episode (Merlin giving Gaius an apple instead of salt and then heading off to work in the broom closet). I was kind of hoping that this episode would prove to be a two part episode leading into next week's exciting finale but I have been hoping that this would happen for a number of weeks now and being bitterly disappointed each time. I am still excited to see what will happen next week though. Traditionally the final episode of any given season is the one where ANYTHING can happen. Characters can die, secrets can be revealed... anything. I'm personally hoping that Arthur finds out about Merlin's powers. As long as he comes to the conclusion that Merlin isn't necessarily evil because he has powers and decides to help keep Merlin's secret. I don't think that would be too much of a stretch. Arthur is a bit of a dick sometimes but ultimately he's a good person. A better person than Uther at any rate. I give this episode eight thumbs up and a weird glowy gem.

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