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The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses - Review

Posted on 2008.12.06 at 14:34
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Yes, proof if proof be needed that I will review anything. This isn't just a random review though. There's a context to what must seem like a very odd choice. To cut a long story short Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 was playing out several masterpeices in full and Aled on the Chris Moyles Show, also on BBC Radio 1 was reviewing them... for some reason. Anyway this inspired me to try my hand at reviewing the Stone Roses debut album (the first of the aforementioned masterpeices). Anyway sit back, relax and find out why I don't review music.

Track 1: I Wanna Be Adored
This song has a slow build from near silence which I always feel is a good way to start an album. Sure you can just jump into the songs but I tend to feel that that can be a bit abrupt. This first song is a bit slow for my liking but it's alright. It has a long fade as well.

Track 2: She Bangs The Drums
This song as opposed to the previous song starts very quickly with a good guitar bit. I like this song better than the last one because it has a lot faster pace. It is very catchy. I think that this song fades too quickly though. It almost comes out of nowhere.

Track 3: Waterfall
This song starts with some kind of twinkly bells which evoke a tropical image reminiscient of a waterfall. The twinklyness quickly ends and it goes into a good guitar segment. This song sounds really familiar and I like it.

Track 4: Don't Stop
This song has an experimental sound to it. At the very start the sound is reminiscent of the last song being played backwards. It's unusual but it works. Even the vocals on this song sound like they are being played backwards. It's a very interesting song to listen to.

Track 5: Bye Bye Bohemian
This song has a twinkly kind of element to it. The verses themselves seem a bit random and erratic not seeming to follow any kind of structure, which is an interesting element to this song. It also gives me the impression that the band is not fully in control of this song. The chorus is a lot more contained though, which is good. To me the lyrics of this song sounded like 'Bye Bye Batman'.

Track 6: Elizabeth My Dear
This is my favourite track on the album, which is something of a shame because it seems to be something of short track, a refrain between the main tracks. Stylistically it resembles Are You Going To Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkel, but with a darker edge. I personally wish that this song was longer as it's my favourite on the album so far.

Track 7: (Song For My) Super Spun Sister
This song has a strong start. It seems like with a few more listens this song could be very catchy.

Track 8: Made of Stone
This song has a good start and I fully approve of the plinky sounding instrument that has been featured in this song.

Track 9: Shoot You Down
I like the start on this song, it seems more orientated towards the use of drums and bass guitar. There is also an element of what I suspect to be a piano. I really this song. It's catchy and I like how the music drops for "I'd love to do it and you know you've always had it coming"

Track 10: This is The One
This song has a really big start. However the creativity seems to be lacking a bit in this song. The main lyrics appear to be 'this is the one' with an occasional instance of 'she's waiting for'. Personally I'm guessing that this was a song that they were under incredible pressure to write in a short period of time by a female producer. Hence the lyrics "this is the one she's waiting for", because this was literally the one song she was waiting for.

Track 11: I Am The Resurrection
This song has a very strong drum based opening and a good rythym. I feel that this song makes a very bold claim, purporting as it does to be the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The lyrics presumably speak from Jesus' viewpoint after he was killed on the cross and how he cannot hate those that killed him. I really enjoyed the first half but halfway through it loses it's vocal component and goes off on one. I'm not fond of instrumental peices of songs so it kind of loses my interest at that point and I wish the first part had continued because I found that preferable.

Overall this album has some very good tracks which after a couple of listens could get stuck in your head. I choose to give it a 7 out of 10 because it didn't instantly strike me as great, which some albums have done, but does show potential.

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