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Dirty Sexy Money 2x?? - The ? - Review

Posted on 2008.12.04 at 18:57
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Since I don't live in America I'm generally forced to acquire my episodes of Dirty Sexy Money via the internet however last week it seems that the latest episode: 2x07 - The Facts was not available anywhere. For a while I thought people hadn't bothered putting it up; they'd assumed now that it has been cancelled that nobody would be bothered any more. That was what can be described as the beginning of the spiral of insanity. I hunted high and low, finding some sources that claimed it had not been shown while other sources, such as the abc website indicating that it had. My brain began to ache and I decided that it probably hadn't been shown and it would probably get shown this week. However when I discovered that this weeks episode was 2x08 - The Summer House (according to abcs website) my brain once again began to pound as I desperately tried to ascertain what in the hell had happened last week. I even liked the whole ridiculous event to Schrödinger's cat with the episode being both unaired and aired at the same time until I collapsed the wave form by finding out. So anyway I'm not 100% certain but I think this was episode 8 and they've just decided not to bother with episode 7. Good move that. Who needs a seventh episode? I've had enough of seventh episodes and say that we boycott them all. Except Once More With Feeling (the seventh episode of season 6 of Buffy. That seventh episode was awesome).

Anyway a whole heap of stuff happened in this episode. There was Simon and Karen's wedding that wasn't (and then Brian and Andrea got married which was awesome (I can finally refer to her as his wife when I forget her name. Yay!)) and Simon and Tripp went into business together and then there was the world's most pathetic love triangle between Tripp, Nick and that Random who was hit by Letitia's car. I hated her. I'm glad she's gone. I have more unpleasant things to say about her but when you write it down like that it all looks so childish. Anyway the point is that she's a bitch and a whore and I hate her. Then there was the thing where Jeremy is now working for Patrick and Nola. Ultimately this was a bit of a weird episode with Tripp and Simon now being partners in the company. I'm not really sure what's going to come of it but I reckon if I was Nick I'd start thinking about handing in my resignation. He's losing everything working for these manipulative people. He's lost his wife and now he's lost that random woman who he apparently liked but who I think was a bitch. It's not all good times for Nick, that's for sure. All in all I give this episode seven thumbs up and half the shares of a worthless company.


divinemadness7 at 2008-12-04 19:16 (UTC) (Link)
Awww I wish you would've said something! I could have explained that episode 7 was pre-empted for a Barbara Walters special interview with pre-elect Obama. Word on the message boards I peruse (Television Without Pity) is that 7 was basically a clip show and the network just decided it was unnecessary to air it, went ahead and skipped to 8. I'm sorry it caused such insanity for you :(

Haha I always forget Andrea's name too. I'm glad they've made Brian softer but I miss his old, harsh side a little bit. We haven't really seen him interact with anyone besides Andrea or Brian Jr for a few weeks have we? And what happened to Brian's first family? The wife he divorced and 2 kids?

That WAS the world's most pathetic love triangle. Good riddance. My mom kept making comments on what a creepy old man Tripp is lol. Her name was Wren, I remember because I live on "Wren Drive." It was a weird episode, I'm glad that wasn't just me. And I LOVE how Tripp would never even consider trying to talk some sense into Karen and instead is just willing to throw his company at that psycho...didn't we find out he's holding Nola's brother captive for some reason? I really was hoping the episode would end with Nick quitting. Nick used to be relate-able to a point and he's just not anymore.

I'm sad this show is leaving but at the same time, I can kinda see why in a way. Sometimes the writing is just all over the place. I will miss seeing Peter Krause every week, though.
cube_166 at 2008-12-05 13:16 (UTC) (Link)
Wish I had said something now. It would have been preferable to the sense of being stuck in DSM purgatory for a week. A clip show? Really? People still do clip shows in this day and age? I'm kind of glad that they skipped it.

I do remember Wren's name (although I thought it was spelt Renn for some reason) but due to the abritrary nature of her arrival into the show I prefer to refer to her as just a random person. Seriously apart from Letitia getting a bit giddy while driving and Tripp being a huge perv there's no reason for her to be there.

I think Tripp and Simon are as bad as one another in some ways. Okay Tripp isn't quite as bad because he doesn't kidnap people's brothers, but he's still a manipulative bastard and I think he and Simon, if they were working together (like they now are) would make a pretty good team. Nick should just get out of there while he can. You're right about him not really being relate-able any more. At first he was just working for the Darling's because he wanted to find out what had happened to his father and donate a whole bunch of money to charities or whatever. Now he's working for them just because. Plus I'm sure he used to stand up to them when they were doing things that he didn't agree with. Or at least bicker with them for a while before giving in.

I agree, I will miss Dirty Sexy Money but after weird episodes like this I can see why it's going. :(
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