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Tatu 47

Doctor Horrible's Singalong Dog

Posted on 2008.12.04 at 02:15
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After checking amazon (.co.uk rather than .com) to see whether they had in stock or were going to have in stock the DVDs of Doctor Horrible amazon brought up a list of mp3 downloads I could download but also suggested that I might not have meant Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog. Perhaps I meant Doctor Horrible's Singalong Dog? And I thought, okay that'd be some pretty weird merchandising but why the hell not? A dog I can sing along with? Just what I've always wanted! However amazon then came to the conclusion that they had no items that matched Doctor Horrible's Singalong Dog. I'm not exactly what you'd call surprised about that but I thought that maybe at the very least amazon might deign not to attempt to correct results that get answers to results that don't get answers. That would be like correcting a search of 'star trek deep space nine' to 'star trek deep spice nine' just because that's also a combination of words.

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