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Tatu 35

Fringe 1x10 - Safe - Review

Posted on 2008.12.03 at 15:31
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I like how the episodes are starting to connect together now. Previously in the program the episodes have been very stand alone. This week and indeed last week the episodes seem to be connecting together. For example in this week's episode Mr Jones, John Scott's body and the theme of Olivia having absorbed some of his memories all make an appearance. I loved the scene where Olivia has gone over to Sue(the wife of the man stuck in the wall)'s house and insisted that she knew both her and Raoul, only to find out that that was not her memory but John Scott's. Walter seemed more than a little concerned and perplexed when he learned that she was confusing his memories with hers.

I love Walter. As I've said before he's my favourite part of the show. His brilliance and his insanity are so cleverly intermixed. You can never tell precisely what he's going to say next. Whether it'll be a brilliant way of performing a complex experiment or whether it'll be a comment upon the largeness of a woman's breasts. In additional to all that another good thing about him is he's so believable. I can believe that he invented all these insanely brilliant inventions. It didn't even really surprise me when I learned in this episode that he'd built a machine designed specifically to pull people from another point in time and space.

The episode finished excitingly. Mr Jones, who is really creepy and also seems really familiar, has just been pulled from his prison in Germany and is on his way to see his latest acquisition. The kidnapped Olivia Dunham. I wonder precisely why he wants her. Does he feel he's formed some form of connection with her or something? Or did he simply find out that she delivered a message from a man who had died and want to interrogate her as to the how of it? Only time will tell. I don't believe that he's associated with Massive Dynamic (although he very well could be. I'm wagering that Nina Sharpe would love to get her hands on Olivia Dunham and those memories of John Scott's that she possesses). Actually I think I've just convinced myself that he is involved with Massive Dynamic. I don't know. There's so much intrigue and backstabbing amongst them all. It's difficult to determine who is good and who is bad and all that.

This was a good episode, with a suspenseful and unexpected ending. I really liked Olivia and Peter going out to the bar and learning about how she can remember any number instantly and how he had some kind of weird disease that just went away one day. It all sounds like they had Pattern related childhoods if you ask me. The best bits are as always with Walter, and I'm starting to come around to Astrid as his comedic foil. I especially liked the rice experiment. Even more when he repeated it for his own amusement. This was a good episode and I give it nine thumbs up and a jar full of rice.

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