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House 5x10 - Let Them Eat Cake - Review

Posted on 2008.12.03 at 14:08
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This review may turn out to be slightly shorter than the normal length of review you have come to expect from me. This is because I have just got a new keyboard. It's awesome and everything but since it's a new keyboard it's a new shape that my hands aren't used to. It's kind of making me mess up a bit more than usual.

So in the time it's taken me to start a new paragraph, which is a surprisingly long time (not my keyboard's fault though. I just got distracted) I managed to put my computer into sleep mode by accident. I'm just lucky I'm not in charge of a dog or something. You put a dog into sleep mode and there isn't a button that will wake it up again. Anyway this isn't getting the latest episode of House reviewed is it?

Okay so it's called Let Them Eat Cake, which is the famous misquote from Marie Antoniette (or something to that effect). This episode, putting aside the various patients for now, is all about House and Cuddy and the further development of their relationship. House I can understand. He messes with Cuddy because he doesn't know how to conduct a real relationship. Look at him and Stacey from back in Season 2. His method of courtship is to make affectionate jibes and pull practical jokes. Cuddy on the other hand, she normally deals with relationships better. The whole 'our office' thing was fun but it was something that I would expect House to do, not Cuddy. Then again Cuddy did try and come straight out with it last week and she got a blank stare and then House bolted for the exit of the hospital. I guess that this week she was trying a different method, his method, hoping that he would respond to it. He did, she panicked and fled to her newly redecorated office. It was at this point she realised that he'd done something nice for her and so she goes to try and make it work with him when she discovers him stood next to another woman. Hardly the most shocking thing to discover him doing but apparently enough to make Cuddy bolt for the elevators again.

Anyway this episode had a lot going on in it. There was the budding romance of House and Cuddy, Thirteen seeking treatment for her Huntington's and having to deal with memories of her mother, the patient of the week of course and my favourite storyline of the week: Kutner and Taub start a second opinion website in House's name and worry and fret what will happen to them when House finds out. I totally called that the patient was a fake planted by House to see what Kutner and Taub would do. The part at the end where House climbed atop her corpse and administered CPR was the best. Loved Kutner and Taub's faces when she came back to life.

This was a really good episode and if this keyboard wasn't so alien and unfamiliar then I would probably keep writing. I'd write about the patient of the week and how cake is the best medicine ever. Furthermore I'd write about Thirteen and how she's trying to deal with her Huntington's. But, alas, I have more programs to watch and more things to do. So I'll conclude with a score of nine thumbs up and a gift of a bidet.

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