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Terminator - Cameron

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x11 - Self-Made Man - Review

Posted on 2008.12.02 at 23:30
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The title of this episode is something of a disappointment because although the Terminator that was featured in the episode worked hard (and robbed banks) he could not be described as a self made man in that he literally built himself. That would be awesome but that's not what happens here. I was thinking because of the title that this episode would be focused around John Henry or whatever that AI that went into Cromartie's body was called. I suppose technically that didn't design itself either but it could have designed some kind of adapter to let it's conciousness inhabit Cromartie's body.

Anyway this is a good and clever episode. It takes place across one night and shows what kind of stuff Cameron gets up to when she's active all night. I'm assuming that what was shown wasn't an average night for her but I'm betting she goes and does the research most every night. That man with the bone cancer did seem to know her pretty well. It showed her and the librarian investigating the life of a man called Myron Stark. Or should I say a terminator called Myron Stark? Anyway Stark accidentally changed specific parts of it's assignment just through it's arrival in the past and was noteworthy for behaving in an unterminator like way. Eventually Cameron and the wheelchair bound librarian discover what Stark's goal was and Cameron goes to the building he was working to construct and finds Stark still holed up in the wall inactive after having terminated it's target. A battle ensues and Cameron destroys the terminator and then goes back home, not informing anyone about her activities.
I found the storyline with Stark to be very compelling. Not just the Cameron is hunting for a terminator storyline but the entire thing. The flashbacks to the twenties and all that kind of thing was done very well. I think personally the episode was a bit distracted by John going to save Riley from having to play Gears of War and then beating up some guy who just wanted his lighter back. She's a bad influence that Riley. I know that Jesse and Riley's plan was to provide John with a good influence (in the form of Riley) to lever John out of Cameron's grip but honestly I think Cameron is a better influence on him.

This was a good episode. The bits with John and Riley did seem kind of unnecessary though. For me this could have been an entirely Cameron based episode. I give it eight thumbs up and a bag full of donuts.

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