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Chuck - John Casey

Chuck 2x09 - Chuck Versus The Sensei - Review

Posted on 2008.12.02 at 16:53
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First things first: Is Anna even in the show any more? Also, after looking her up on imdb how come she's been in so many things that I've watched. Buffy (can't remember her on there but there was a lot of girls about the place by the end of season 7), Alias (can't remember her on there either but with the huge part of "Chinese Villager" I doubt she was in it for long), House (I actually remember her character on House, she was good), The OC (I gave up on The OC like four episodes before her episode but nevermind), Studio 60 (more of a recurring role on here. I'd have to be majorly spotty on the details of the series to not remember her) and now Chuck. Where the hell is she though? Off filming some films? I don't want to see her in rubbishy films in the future! I want to see her on Chuck now. She's an integral part of the cast. She's on the main titles and everything. Good advertisement for her rubbishy films but... eh... whatever. She's not the main character and she wasn't even in the episode so I guess I should stop whining and get on with the review.

Why I'm whining I'm not sure. It's not like this episode wasn't great, because it was. For this episode was a John Casey episode. Casey episodes are awesome because Adam Baldwin is awesome and by extension any characters that he plays are also awesome. This episode was great as it brought up a bit of Casey's backstory and explored his past without overtly humanizing him. Normally in most programs this wouldn't be a good thing. Stories about people's backstories and everything tend to make them more sympathetic. Explain their emotions all that kind of thing. Well this episode doesn't do that. Sure it delves into Casey's past but it establishes that no matter what Chuck thinks Casey's just a big ball of fury waiting to go off and lay the smack down on anyone that gets in his way, it doesn't matter who. It could be Chuck, or his ex sensei. Who was played by Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon from Alias). He was pretty damn awesome as well. Which I guess just goes to show because he taught Casey in the ways of being awesome. Ultimately Casey's awesomeness eclipsed his and Casey pounded the sensei around like he was a little toy sensei made from straw. Awesome.

I liked the whole Employee of the Month/Worst Employee of the Month thing that was going on though. Personally I think that it might have worked better had the new manager eventually decided that he was the Employee of the Month. That would be just the type of thing that he was liable to do. Admittedly that guy with all the hair getting the world's largest TV was funny and the manager awarding himself the title would have been predictable but you can't argue with the classics. If you could I'd have a very serious discussion with Shakespeare. But you can't and so that's the end of it.

This episode was great. I love Casey and well anything involving him is brilliant. I give this episode nine thumbs up and a little toy sensei made from straw. Perhaps Chuck could knock it about a bit. Let him feel just as badass as Casey.

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