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Heroes - Hiro Nakamura

Heroes 3x11 - The Eclipse Part Two - Review

Posted on 2008.12.02 at 15:35
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First things first. Poor old Isaac Mendez. In those days before Sylar came and killed him to death he must have worked his fingers to the bone. He mustn't have slept or ate or done anything other than just write and write, desperate to continue 9th Wonders! into the distant future. Now it seems that Matt, Daphne, Sam and Frack (Frack?) are going to be hunting for a bike messenger who Isaac bequeathed his final copy of 9th Wonders! to. However if memory serves that's the issue of 9th Wonders! that takes place five years into the future and so is completely irrelevant to the current problems that everyone is having. This whole thing with 9th Wonders! is getting a bit beyond the elasticity of my belief. I'm rather hoping that when they find this sketchbook that Isaac gave to the bike messenger it does like give them a set of cryptic clues to a secret location where he stashed yet more issues of 9th Wonders! which can be used to carry on the current storyline. If he did then I might have to posthumously re-evaluate Isaac's power from 'painting the future' to 'omniscience'.

So in summary: please let this be the end of the whole 9th Wonders! thing. Why not introduce a new character who can paint the future? Oh wait they already did that and then they chopped his head off. Why not introduce a new character who can paint the future and who still has a head and who doesn't live in the middle of a desert and have him produce his own comic books. 10th Wonders! perhaps? Anyway I'm getting a bit sidetracked by this whole comic book issue. I best get on with the review. Just don't get me started on why Claire reckons she's the thing. The catalyst. Although seeing as Hiro and Claire are now 16 years into the past I'm guessing we might find out why Claire is so insistent that she's the catalyst and hey you never know there could be a good reason that she's the catalyst. Stranger things have happened. Like Isaac Mendez writing like three yearsworth of issues of 9th Wonders! before he died.

So the storyline kicks off, briefly, with Peter and The Haitian fleeing into the jungle from Baron Samedi. The upshot of the whole adventure is that they decide not to kill Samedi when they have the opportunity then rescue Nathan. Peter tries to be a hero. The Haitian and Nathan save him and then the Haitian uses his power to kill his nameless brother. What is it with his family and names? Anyway Nathan gets the wrong end of the stick and decides that powers are awesome because they enabled the Haitian to kill his brother. The correct end of the stick that he should have been getting is that powers were what caused the whole mess in the first place and if Peter and the Haitian hadn't been such idiots during the eclipse they wouldn't have needed to use the Haitian's power to kill Samedi. Anyway I guess Peter has to make his own way back home because Nathan has decided to align himself with the bad guys. I guess he's just more comfortable over there (like in season one where he reckoned it was probably okay to blow up New York).

Cut to Elle and Sylar who have just had intercourse. Bad Elle and Sylar. Don't you know that Elle is supposed to be having sexy lesbian intercourse with Claire? Anyway Noah charges in. He's not best pleased with Elle or Sylar and he's determined to kill one of them, preferably the one who will come back to life after the eclipse is over. He's so determined to execute this temporary death that he decides he can miss the temporary death of his adoptive daughter in order to carry it out. Anyway I think the idea is that Sylar thought he was going to be able to live a normal life without all this powers shit and he was happy (hence the Elle/Sylar intercourse) but since he got his powers back he decided that he's beyond any hope of becoming a good guy and proceeds to slice her skull open (what for I'm not sure. He already has her power). There's also something about Arthur and Angela Petrelli not being his real parents which corresponds with what I was saying at the time (I haven't refuted this claim lately because it seemed that it had become an intractible fact), in fact I still say that some portion of Angela's power is useful for brainwashing people. Anyway they're on a beach at some unknown point in time and space so they're probably not part of the main Powernadoquake/People Having Powers threat.

Claire's storyline happened somewhere around this point. Her storyline was this: She went to a hospital. She realised she was being a bit ungrateful for all that bitching and moaning about how she couldn't feel pain. Then she died. Then she was alive. Then she bitched at Noah for never being there. Then Sylar and Elle were going to attack and kill Sandra and Noah. Then Hiro came and took her into the past where Kaito was giving her to Noah to look after. Okay there was more happened to her than I had thought but still it was a pretty straightforwards storyline. I imagine the real sparks will start flying next week in an episode I hope will be called "14 Years Ago". Because there should always be an episode called "A Certain Length of Time Ago".

Mohinder wanted to go and see Maya again and so attacked Flint in order to escape however when he got to Maya's house he suddenly noticed his hand was all scaly again and his mischevious side took him over, causing him to play that game where you knock on someone's door and then run away. What's going on with Maya is what I want to know. She was supposed to be a main character this season. She's barely been in any episodes and the episodes she's been in, well some of them have took place where she was trapped in one of Mohinder's freaky webs. Arthur points out to Mohinder that he has the potential to be a monster even without his powers and Mohinder gets back to work on the cure for his scaliness (the scales are on his face now. Awesome!).

Matt talks to Daphne and well the gist of that situation is that he forgives her or she forgives herself or she forgives her father or she forgives her scarecrow or something (her scarecrow seemed like a real bad sort. I wouldn't have forgiven him. She built him to scare away crows and protect her father's livelihood then he got all the credit when he scared the crows away. What a dick!). Anyway they both have their powers back and they're going to team up with Ando and Sam and Frak to find a bike messenger who Isaac Mendez gave his sketchbook to in the hope that it provides them with the answers as to what the hell is going on. This storyline is singlehandedly made awesome by Seth Green (Oz from Buffy).

Overall it was a good episode but I've been writing things for far too long. I need to go and watch something else now before my brain starts to implode (that would be messy). I give this episode an eight thumbs up and the complete collection of 9th Wonders! comic books (a collection that may potential be infinite in legnth).

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