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Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x10 - Go Your Own Way - Review

Posted on 2008.12.01 at 13:50
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Fleetwood Mac may have been able to go their own way but Dexter and Miguel remain inextricably bound together. Dexter wants rid of him and in a surprisingly merciful move he decides that he'll blackmail Miguel to "go his own way". The power struggle between Dexter and Miguel is brilliant. What made it especially entertaining was when an unintentional slip from Dexter to Rita suddenly escalated the stakes between them. It was brilliantly timed and executed. Dexter couldn't have done it better if he'd actually planned it. It drove a massive wedge between LaGuerta and Miguel (even more so than his incredibly awkward visit had done) but that's not all. It also gave LaGuerta something of a clue that Miguel is Ellen's killer. Dexter literally couldn't have planned it better if he'd tried. He would have had a hell of a time figuring out how to have someone drive up and announce that Miguel was unaccounted for for a long period of time at the same time as which Ellen went missing and then make Miguel drive his big black SUV with halogen lights away from LaGuerta.

Which leads us to the most exciting point of the episode. Dexter Versus Miguel. They are now officially at war. That scene between them on the roof was utterly fantastic. Miguel is seriously out of control. I know I'm paraphrasing Dexter at this point but I don't care. He tried to be a gentleman about this and not just go for the kill. He tried to let Miguel carry on with his life but Miguel can't be calmed down, he can't be controlled. He's a monster and Dexter's going to have to put him down. Unfortunately at this point in time Miguel has the upper hand, requesting as he has done the assistance of the Skinner. Dexter's in a bit of a predicament. Unfortunately for Dex his skills at killing come from having the drop on someone. I doubt he's going to be much use in fighting back against the Skinner. He's going to have to rely on the police force to rescue him (much like he had to in Dearly Devoted Dexter against Doctor Danco. Hey is anyone else reminded of Danco by the Skinner? Not in his modus operandi obviously but Danco grabbed and tortured Deb's boyfriend in Dearly Devoted Dexter and the Skinner grabbed and tortured her boyfriend in this. Then Danco grabbed Dex later and Dex had to wait for the police to show up and rescue him. Same with the Skinner and Dexter now?).

I really liked the storyline with Angel and the man who attacked his girlfriend whose name I've forgotten again. I loved the bit where Dexter is talking to Angel and he's saying about sometimes there are things that once you do you can't undo. He's turning into a really good friend. I think this thing with Miguel has been good for him. You know despite Miguel killing an innocent person and then getting the Skinner to kidnap him. Other than that it's been a good learning experience.

This episode was great. The best bits are obviously the interactions between Miguel and Dexter. Especially the bit on the roof. But in terms of humourous best bits the best bit was with Vince Masuoka attempting to set up Dexter's bachelor party. I give the episode nine thumbs up and a box full of ringless cigars.

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