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Primer, House and Other Miscellany

Posted on 2008.11.30 at 00:30
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I stumbled across House on Five US today. That's a television channel. They were playing the episode Airborne. Again. I've seen them playing this episode before. In fact it's the only episode I've ever seen them play on Five US. Is this the only episode they show? Because if it is then bravo. It's my absolute favourite episode of House ever and I would watch it again if only I didn't have other, newer, things to watch. Like The Big Bang Theory. I love The Big Bang Theory. How this series passed me by the first time around I may never know. It is brilliance from beginning to end. Including the theme tune. The characters are great and everything works about it. It makes the IT Crowd seem lumbering and ineffectual (although I did like this week's episode with Roy getting involved in a robbery and Jen's magician boyfriend).

In other news I have seen the world's most confusing movie. It's called Primer and having seen it and read a summary of the events contained within, and examined the world's most complicated timeline and done a tapdance I still don't understand what happened in it. I understand it to a point but the movie just loses me when there are like three different versions of one character all wandering about and living their lives. I love the idea of the time machine in it though. It feels like how a time machine could potentially be made to work in real life (i.e. it's cramped, boring, complicated to use and if you haven't already got one and you want to travel back then it's completely useless).

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