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Tatu 24

Merlin 1x11 - The Labyrinth of Gedref - Review

Posted on 2008.11.29 at 23:59
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The moral of the story is that you shouldn't kill unicorns. Nothing good ever happens when you kill unicorns. This episode demonstrates the duality of Arthur's personality. His good nature in which he will do anything to protect his friends and his people and his dickishness which allows him to mercilessly slaughter unicorns for larks. He's a strange one is Arthur. It seems the best way to talk him around to your point of view is not logical and rational debate of the facts but simply to note that you aren't going to tell his father about whatever it is you want him to do.

I really liked the whole "poisoned" chalice thing. Although my memory is a little hazy over one aspect of the exchange. Was it my imagination or did Merlin really fall for the 'look over there' ploy? I thought Merlin was a bit smarter than that personally. Then again you have to remember that this takes place in the past and so the look over there trick had probably only just been invented, in which case it's perfectly understandable. With regards to Arthur actually drinking the poison part of me went "it's obviously not real poison because it never is" but a smaller "if I was the writer" part of my brain thought otherwise basing it's hunch on the notion, since proven false, that the last episode in the season is next weeks. I would personally have wrote it so that Arthur did die and Merlin seeks the aid of a powerful magic-user to resurrect him and the events that happen thereabouts. However I'm not the writer and without some kind of powerful reality bending machine I never will be.

I really enjoyed this episode. Especially the tests (I love anything like that) and the hedge maze labyrinth (the test wasn't what I was expecting, in fact neither was the hedge maze itself, but it was really good). All in all I give this eight thumbs up and a two glasses, one full of deadly poison and one full of delicious doctor pepper (in fact they're both full of doctor pepper but don't tell anyone).

No! This definately was posted before it officially became Sunday! I can't fail my year of posts every single day because of four minutes! I simply refuse!

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