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Chuck - Anna Wu 2


Posted on 2008.11.28 at 10:46
Current Mood:: annoyedannoyed
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Yesterday while watching Pushing Daisies I suddenly spotted someone I thought I recognised and my hand shot out to the keyboard to pause the program while I identified this person. Innocent enough one might think but this involuntary arm spasm knocked over my drink of Doctor Pepper and deposited it all over the keyboard. The whole thing turned into a slapstick sketch as I hurriedly tried to dry both the keyboard and the table underneath, balancing my keyboard on it's side while I wiped the table. The keyboard fell from it's precarious situation and knocked my mouse onto the floor dislodging the batteries as it did so.

The downshot of all this slapstick tomfoolery is that my keyboard is pretty much ruined now. If it wasn't ruined before with it's letters that had not only faded but vanished completely (making it useless to anyone but me) now it has sticky w and e buttons that make more of an wwwwwwww or in the case of the e key an inappropriately long string of es. Stupid keyboard. At least I'm glad I'm not writing my NaNovel any more. In fact it's made me semi-glad Supernatural isn't on today. The less things to write reviews about the better.

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