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Pushing Daisies - Olive Snook

Pushing Daisies 2x07 - Robbing Hood - Review

Posted on 2008.11.27 at 15:04
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Oh my god. This is possibly the best episode yet. I thought I was excited during previous episodes but... Wow. I cannot wait for next week's episode. The main storyline, the robbery and death of Gustav Hoffer, was good but not the main focus of my attention. My excitement and period exclamations of "Oh my god!" were reserved for the development of the Dwight storyline as Dwight Dixon discovers that Charlotte Charles isn't quite as dead as some would believe. This storyline develops further as he goes to The Pie Hole to leave a message for Chuck and as Lily suspecting, correctly as it turns out, that he's dug up Charlotte's grave and stole Charles' pocket watch, goes to Dwight's hotel room and steals back the pocket watches. Then Dwight discovers that the watch he stole has been stolen and sets off with a very big gun to resteal his stolen stolen property and Ned and Chuck go to Charles Charles' grave to reawaken Chuck's dead father and find out just what Dwight Dixon wants. ...Wow! That's a lot to happen in an episode and that's not taking into account all the twists and turns of the Gustav Hoffer's runin with the Bellman charity.

This was a great episode and although this is the bit where I would go through and say what the best bits are I think there may be too high a concentration of best bits in this episode. I loved Gustav's lawyer and his inability to find the right tone of voice (Conversational Patio voice?) and I loved Gustav himself chattering away when resurrected. In fact speaking of Gustav's resurrection another good bit was the way the lights responded to his brief status as alive again, and how they spectacuarly responded to his status as dead again. Then there was the whole excitement with Dwight and the uncovering of Chuck's aliveness (I loved Ned talking about what he thought would happen should his secret get out. Okay not loved because it wasn't pleasant what he thought would happen with the cutting of his skin and everything but it was definately a moment). And I loved the whole stress baking conversations and Gustav's wife (who looks so familiar but I don't know where from). It was brilliant. I have to give it a momentous eleven thumbs up, a standing ovation and a delicious blueberry pie.

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