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Tatu - Julia 2

Bones 4x11 - The Bone That Blew - Review

Posted on 2008.11.27 at 13:40
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For a minute at the start of this episode I completely blanked on Bones' father. I forgot all about Max Keenan and those murders he did and how he went on the run and how he turned up again and Bones got him out of the murder charges. I managed to go the entire scene where Bones is talking to Max, and there's all that stuff about light refracting through jelly and looking for the other side of rainbows and everything, without remembering who he was. But then I remembered, in the same way that I've remembered that this is a review of the episode and not a review of my stupid brain. If I ever do decide to review my brain though... That'll be a review to read.

Anyway Cam has hired Max to do some job here at the Jeffersonian, which apparently involves showing children light refracting through jelly. Bones is non too pleased and thus the theme of this weeks episode starts. It's all about parents and children and everything. Bones wants her father gone from the Jeffersonian (I'm not 100% sure why. I don't put much stock in Sweets theory that she associates her father and science with him leaving her because as Max himself says she's too rational for that. But I don't believe her rationalisation that she doesn't want him working there because as a criminal he shouldn't be involved with criminal investigations. Although Bones could be that rational the reaction seems like that isn't the issue. Personally I like the idea of Max working with them, possibly in a semi-permanent capacity. He would provide interesting insights upon the cases from a criminal perspective and I think he'd be a valuable asset. However I don't think that Bones would agree with that assessment) and Booth is having issues because he's worried that he's not giving his kid (whose name I have forgotten) all the advantages that he deserves after he visits a ridiculously advanced private school in the course of his investigation. Bones thinks as long as a child is looked after (be it by a nanny or whatever) it doesn't matter whether they have a loving environment or not. Booth thinks that the loving environment is all that matters. They're the original odd couple! In the end it turns out that the posh kid killed her male nanny because he was trying to do the right thing for you. One disturbed kid or one kid that didn't get the loving environment that she so desperately needed? Either way that male nanny ends up just as dead.

In the end Booth convinces Brennan to unfire her father in order that he can enrich the education of Booth's son (and there's a very interesting experiment going on with some kind of soft drink at this point. Do you think that would work (albeit very unpleasantly) if you were to drink lots of soft drinks and then eat a mint? If so remind me never to eat a mint). I didn't guess immediately who the killer was but once Sweets determined that Elsbeth was protecting her family I got it. Well at least I got it was one of the children then. It would have been tricky to determine which one. Although admittedly before that I had suspected it of being that dermatologist woman played by Gina Torres (Zoe from Firefly). She was really good as the queen of the liars, although she was ultimately proven innocent of the murder.

All in all this was a good episode. The best bits were Booth talking to that woman about migrating boobies (god I'm so childish), Bones and Sweet bickering childishly over her motivation for wanting her father fired and Bones and Max stumbling around trying to determine whether or not Max wants to move in with her. Fantastic. I'm going to give this episode nine thumbs up and a little milk chocolate skeleton.

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