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Angel - Illyria

Eureka 3x08 - From Fear To Eternity - Review

Posted on 2008.11.26 at 23:32
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I know that I'm not exactly being super up-to-date by reviewing this episode of Eureka but as it's the last for a while I thought if I review it now then I'll set a precedent for reviewing episodes of Eureka when it comes back and I can review them as they actually happen. Now that I've clarified that and overused the word review lets get on with the erm... review. (See this is why I say Blueberry Shortcake. It sounds so much less obtrusive than review.)

Firstly why is this episode called From Fear To Eternity? I don't get it. There's nothing especially fearful happens in this episode and I suppose Eva Thorne can be said to be experiencing eternity as in eternal life but that's neither here nor there. She's been experiencing that eternal life for quite a while now and so she should be way past having episodes named in honour of her eternal life. Anyway nevermind that. The important thing is that things are coming to a head. With no pesky extra sun or mayoral election to distract anyone of what's going on with Eva Thorne they seize their chance to discover just what is down in that bunker and what killed those people.

Thorne is having the bunker sealed closed with a special impenetrable substance called Impenetribilium or something equally uninventive. She's requisitioned all the files of early experiments from Global Dynamics and confiscated all the pictures dating back to that time. She's really going out of her way to make sure nobody knows about what happened down there and when Carter, Allison and Henry start poking around asking questions she gets a bit sloppy and endangers the whole town. Not only is the whole town endangered but also Zoe. She's specifically endangered due to exposure to strange purple liquids in abandoned military bases (a lesson to everyone at home: never ignore a strange purple liquid you find in an abandoned military base). She's aging very rapidly. She's dying the same way those men in the bunker were dying and it's up to Henry to do the science stuff to save her while Jack does the hero stuff to go and get more of the purple liquid to make sure Henry can do the science stuff. Unfortunately thanks to his very succesful flustering of Thorne they find that they are trapped in the bunker with no way out through the impenetribilium, which isn't quite as impenetrable as it first appeared (Jo and Zane's feet are very appreciative of this fact). It turns out that Thorne wasn't being the evil mastermind. She was trying to keep a secret and didn't feel that she could trust anyone with that secret. There's probably another life lesson in there somewhere like "give people the opportunity to earn your trust" or "if you're going to be a secretive manipulative bitch do it for a good reason because that makes everything okay" I personally prefer the second moral and am going to attempt to adapt it into my everyday life.

Anyway the situation gets so bad that the only way to solve it is to detonate a nuclear bomb. That's when you know you have a bad situation. The situation is thankfully solved (although on the sad side we didn't see hardly anything of the explosion, and I like explosions) and everything is looking good. However it turns out that Allison is pregnant (I totally called it) and Carter got fired by a big military man. How that's going to pan out I have no idea. They're going to have to take him back though. You can't fire Carter just because a big military man has problems with him not arresting innocent people. That way madness lies. Till then I wonder what the town will be like under Jo's leadership? Well not leadership but sherriffship.

This was a good exciting episode that unveiled a good coherant reasoning for everything to do with the bunker and the weird aging thing and the purple liquid and everything. Plus it did so while developing Zane and Jo's relationship even further. I like those two together. I kind of miss Taggart (he was brilliant. Especially in A Night At Global Dynamics). Where did he go? Is he likely to return? All in all I give it nine thumbs up and a test tube of weird purple liquid.

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