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Buffy - Dark Willow

Fringe 1x09 - The Dreamscape - Review

Posted on 2008.11.26 at 23:01
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I've really enjoyed how John Scott has continued to be part of Fringe beyond his death in the first episode. I liked how this episode touched upon the events of the first episode, with Olivia going back into the tank to recover Scott's memories that fragmented into her mind. I'm getting the impression that trips into John Scott's memories might become a theme of Fringe. I'm getting that there might be a few more of those even if Walter does insist otherwise.

I also like how Fringe at the moment, though it is telling individual stories there are always hints of larger things afoot. With the Observer and Massive Dynamic and everything. In this episode I really liked it when Morales compared Massive Dynamic to Hell and their CEO: the devil. I also liked how he claimed that The Pattern was nothing important. Just smoke and mirrors so that Massive Dynamic can do whatever they like. However it's unlikely to be that simple. Nothing ever is. Sure I don't trust Massive Dynamic at the moment and they probably did get that death by fear toxin to Morales but I don't buy into what he says. There's more to it than just that.

By the way I loved the psychosematic death by fear drug. Especially the sequence with all the deadly butterflies at the start. I wonder if it was significant that Dunham saw the butterflies mounted on Young's wall move. She wasn't under the influence of the drug. Could it be something left over from her interaction with the dying John Scott? Coming from the same place that her hallucinations of him are coming from?

I loved the whole sequence in the tank where Olivia is reliving John's memories as well as John seeing her. Walter says that he couldn't have done (John insists that he did) but I think that not only did he see her but he heard her. Afterwards she was admist a memory that she had been looking for. I think that was John Scott's doing. He took her directly to the memory she was looking for. Walter insists that she would not be able to question John about Massive Dynamic and their devillish CEO whose name I can't remember, but I think she would be able to question him pretty damn effectively.

There was the whole people find out Peter is back in town thing as well but unless they have something to do with the Pattern then I'm not especially interested. This was a great episode. I always like episodes of things that take place in fantasies or dreams or whatever. This was brilliant. I give it nine thumbs up and a slice of dream pie.

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