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House 5x09 - Last Resort - Review

Posted on 2008.11.26 at 13:15
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Before I saw this episode I noticed that it was somewhat longer than a normal episode of House. I also noted the title, last resort, and I had a sense of almost palpable dread. An ominous feeling that something bad was going to happen. Then lo and behold something bad happened. This episode was brilliant. It was really exciting and different while still doing the same thing as it normally does. Kind of like the episode that was on a plane. It was good watching House rile up their captor at the start and try to work against him, trying even to sedate him the first time. Then as the episode progresses he understands his captors plight and even goes so far as to hand the gun back to him (I knew he was going to do that).

And it wasn't all just action and tension there was real character development going on as well. Take Thirteen for example. It showed just how much of a death wish she had, and precisely how far she was willing to take that death wish. I really liked the bit at the end where she's lying in bed talking to Foreman and she indicates that she wants to be part of that Huntington's drug trial. I guess this whole kidnapping and ransom thing has been a good experience for her. It was alarming how far she was willing to go though. From coming back to the room when she could have left (House made a good point about how people should always put the greatest importance on their own lives), then testing all the medicines and everything.

House didn't grow so much in terms of character development. He was still more or less the same coming out as he was going in. I almost thought he was going to ask Cuddy to go out with him properly but there was no such luck. I wish he and Cuddy would go out. I don't think the banter between them would stop. If anything I think it would increase. Grow to the point where it gets personal and nasty and then the relationship implodes somewhat. So yeah actually probably not a good idea that he and Cuddy go out now that I think about it.

All in all it was an epic episode. Or an epicsode. I can't think of any specific examples of House's clever banter with the kidnapper because it all got a bit tangled up in the drama but I know it was there and that it was part of the best bits of the episode. All in all I give it ten thumbs up and a liquorice gun.

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