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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x10 - Strange Things Happen At The One Two Point - Review

Posted on 2008.11.25 at 21:56
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Just what is going on with that Katherine Weaver? She's a terminator so there should be automatic badness going on there. Instead she's thinking about how to teach her potentially world-threatening AI the ten commandments. It's all very peculiar. Is she evil? Has she gone rogue? Is she Rampant? The best bit of this episode was definately the unveiling of the AIs shiny new Terminator body at the very end.

As for the rest of the episode. Well the rest of the episode was good if a little bit confusing at times. The bit for example where we find out Riley is in fact working for Jess in order to spy on John and turn him away from Cameron I think. I'm not one hundred percent certain at this point in time. Anything could be going on there. The one thing that was clear is that Riley is from the future. She made that abundantly clear in her dealings with her foster family. Then aside from that there was that thing with the business that conned Sarah out of her hard stole cash. Cameron and Sarah later proved that they did not know what they were dealing with.

Then there's these dots. Are they relevant? Well if they weren't then they damn well are now considering how Sarah is starting to react around them. Seven years bad luck isn't terribly helpful when you're trying to stop evil machines from taking over the Earth. Personally I think they are just dots. If they were supposed to be something helpful then I'm sure that the man who decorated their basement for them would have made them more prominent or well... just wrote down what the three dots are the symbol of.

It was a good episode all in all. I really enjoyed the bits with John Henry and well anything with Cameron is always good. I give it eight thumbs up and a delicious chocolate Go board.

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