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Chuck - John Casey

Chuck 2x08 - Chuck Versus The Gravitron - Review

Posted on 2008.11.25 at 15:44
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So this episode picks up from (roughly) where the last one left off. With Chuck heading off with his traitorous new girlfriend for a night of peril and actually I guess it wasn't so much peril as sexy adventures. Anyway Chuck flashes on a message that Jill gets sent and realises that she's a Fulcrum agent. At that point he very wisely gets the hell out of there. Whereupon Casey and Sarah apprehend him and tell him to get the hell back in there and spy on her as she spies on him. A bit of a challenge for Chuck but one that he just about proves up to. Then fun, betrayal and hijinks ensue and it eventually turns out that Jill isn't really a willing member of Fulcrum, but oh no wait she is, and then they might run away together and then oh no wait that's not going to happen either. So it's an episode full of twists and turns. You don't know who's telling the truth, whether she's really evil or not. In the end Chuck saves the day and stops Jill while Big Mike storms in with a crowning moment of pure awesome and stops the fearsome "Leader" from killing Casey. Got to give Big Mike his props there. He may be an auxillary character but he's serious about thieves.

I really loved Morgan's whole fantasy thanksgiving thing and the whole subplot with Awesome's family coming over and I liked the whole big cheesy everyone's here for thanksgiving bit at the end. Although I was kind of expecting it to pull back to Casey who is sat alone in his house listening to the dinner on headphones and eating the world's smallest turkey. It was a good episode but if it had had that at the end then it would have made the episode. I give it eight thumbs up.

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