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Heroes - Elle Bishop

Heroes 3x10 - The Eclipse Part One - Review

Posted on 2008.11.25 at 14:43
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I was thinking before I watched this episode that I shouldn't watch it and I should keep it nicely tucked away so I can have a two hour extravaganza next week but I'm impatient so I watched it despite the possibility of an extravaganza. It was a really exciting episode.

It starts off with Sylar testing out his new lightning powers with Elle's supervision. That's supervision as in the normal sense of the word not like she has some kind of super extra sight or something. Now I'm just confusing myself. Nevermind. Anyway Sylar looks like he's getting good with the old lightning blasts. If he and Elle get attacked by stationary beakers then I'm sure he'll be able to fight them off. Anyway then Arthur comes in and wants them to go and get Claire because apparently she is the catalyst despite there being no logical reason why should be the catalyst. Anyway they go off to get a car and Elle is suddenly taken by the idea of telling the car salesman that Sylar's an evil serial killer who has kidnapped her in order to test his resolve. To make him decide whether he's a good guy or a bad guy. It seems that he's a bad guy again.

Anyway then Claire is talking to Angela and look who it is: It's Noah. He's going to take her to a place of safety to protect her from everyone who wants to get their hands on her catalyst-ness. By the way why is she the catalyst? Because Sylar found something in her brain? What if it was just a tumour or something? Tumours are more likely to live in brains than catalysts are. I don't know I'm just having trouble going along with her being the catalyst without any real reasoning for the catalyst. Surely Hiro should be the catalyst or something? Anyway after that sentence I never want to hear the word catalyst again. Ugh. So don't you know stay inside the secure bunker or anything, the obvious place to hide is inside a broken down house of a man who could make black holes (I was kind of hoping he'd be back actually (for example if they weren't matter crushing black holes but vortexes that led to a different place in time and space)). Anyway she thinks she's dead good and he thinks she's being careless. A fight ensues and then Sylar and Elle arrive and a fight ensues and then Noah and Claire run off and a fight ensues (no not a real fight this time but Elle does have a bit of a time trying to pop Sylar's shoulder back in). So Claire's been shot and all their powers are gone. Awesome. Although Claire does use this point in time to make another reference to how she misses feeling pain. Blah blah whinge whine. Oh no I can't feel any pain. How sad am I? Anyway she can feel pain now and to celebrate Noah runs off to kill Sylar and Elle (or possibly tranq them with a sniper tranq rifle (possible but unlikely). Anyway Sylar and Elle are having a kiss at this point because as Arthur would say 'they're such a great pairing' or something to that effect. I personally hope that Noah shoots Sylar and then welcomes Elle back to his house so she and Claire can get on with their relationship without any Sylar shaped interruptions. Or not. You know. Whatever.

Nathan and Peter on the other hand are off to get the Haitian (I was wondering where he was last week. In fact I was wondering where Noah was last week as well. And for that matter Maya (who was almost in this episode if Flint and Arthur hadn't gone and grabbed Mohinder). So to summarise. So far on the list of people who I wondered where they were they've all shown up. Also on that list was Claude. Come back Claude! We miss you!) Anyway beside the point. The point was that Nathan and Peter are off to find the Haitian and suddenly they find themselves without powers. Or Nathan does. Peter already was. Then the Haitian is there but he won't come back with them until he's stopped his evil brother Baron Samedi. Why are all his family named so peculiarly. His parents must have been insane. "Right lets call our first child The Haitian. Because he comes from Haiti." "Yeah that makes sense and lets call our second child Baron Samedi because we're mental." Anyway Samedi has organised an army who grab Nathan. The upshot of this situation is that the army was put together through fear of Samedi whose skin is impenetrable (as long as there isn't an eclipse going on). I would imagine if Samedi's skin gets a bit penetrated during this eclipse then maybe his army might fall apart a bit. Because they wouldn't fear him any more? Hmm.

Mohinder is going all weird lizard thing and webs himself to the ceiling for a bit then he comes out all gooey and disgusting with what look like internal organs on the outside. However it appears that this is like some kind of good thing and now he's cured until the eclipse ends. So he decides he wants to go off and see Maya but then Arthur and Flint stop him a bit demanding that he works on the way to get their powers back. Ever hear that good things come to those who wait?

Matt and Daphne are looking for Hiro who promptly arrives at their door with the latest issue of 9th Wonders! in his hands. Matt can't help them so much, but he does manage to drive Daphne away by pausing to consider whether he trusts her or not. Anyway they all go off to Kansas where Hiro throws corn at Matt until Matt goes away. Then Hiro and Ando go off to the local comic book shop for the latest latest issue of 9th Wonders! Seriously... who is writing it any more? Did the company do lots of Isaac Clones like they did with Niki and Tracey? Speaking of Tracey she's in it for like a minute or so. She's got to go to Paris or something. Anyway Seth Green is at the shop (Oz off of Buffy) and he and his friend have the latest issue and think that it's so awesome. Anyway Matt is going to see Daphne and finds out that she has some kind of leg brace disease when she doesn't have powers. Which is ironic.

All in all it's a good episode, although I would kind of like to have grown up Hiro back now if you don't mind thank you very much. Also some kind of logical reason why Claire is the catalyst. Anything more than "Cause we said so." is fine. I give it nine thumbs up and a cake made to look like an eclipse.

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