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Dexter Morgan

Dexter 3x09 - About Last Night - Review

Posted on 2008.11.24 at 22:01
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Wow. First things last, I'd like to avoid the obvious excitement of Prado is a bastard who must die until the end of the review and for the moment talk about something incredibly weird. The Skinner is someone we've never heard of before. In real life this wouldn't be a shock. A serial killer is someone that you've never heard of and is in fact the prime suspect for the killings. However in the land of TV this is practically unprecedented. When there's a killer on the loose it's always one of the characters you've heard of and it's never the prime suspect. But just this once it was the prime suspect. A new character we'd never seen before. I was potentially more gobsmacked by this development than the development with Miguel. Well actually no.

I wanted to believe that he was a decent guy. Someone who Dexter could trust (who would eventually turn on Dexter after he finds out that Dex killed Oscar but nevermind). I was so certain that there was another reason he'd gone to see Ellen. I was sure that she was still alive. Especially with the potentially lesbianic storyline going on with Maria. I did not think that, with Ellen and Maria's storyline not yet bearing fruit, Miguel would go over and kill her dead. Then things get even worse when Dex discovers that not only is Miguel an untrustworthy monster who says only what people want to hear he's been playing Dex from the start. He never gave Dex any evidence that could take him down. I really wanted him to be a good guy. Someone who Dex could confide in and open up to but he's an evil scheming son of a bitch and Dex needs to take him out. The ending was brilliant. To see Dexter full to the brim with rage. One emotion he doesn't have to fake.

Imaginary!Harry was surprisingly restrained when Dex found out the horrible truth. After the way he's been badgering Dex that he was doing the wrong thing he seemed to calm down a lot once Dexter realised he'd been betrayed and lied to.

The season is starting to draw to a close now. Just three episodes to go. I'm predicting next week Dex pretends he's still friends with Miguel. The week after Dex makes his move but due to some unforeseen circumstances Miguel manages to get away. And the week after it's a showdown at Dexter and Rita's wedding and all hell breaks loose. Oh and something will probably happen with the Skinner but honestly who cares about the Skinner now we find out it isn't Quinn or Yuki or Ellen or whoever? Anyway all in all it's a good episode. It gets nine thumbs up and a drop of strawberry sauce in a glass slide.

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