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Tatu 49

Merlin 1x10 - The Moment of Truth - Review

Posted on 2008.11.22 at 23:00
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The title of this episode is a lie. There is no moment of truth to be found within. There's a moment of almost truth and a moment of outlight lying. There isn't even any Cilla Black instructing Arthur that if he passes some challenges or whatever then he could win a holiday. Although that would be a bizarre episode and so I'm grateful that it doesn't happen.

I wanted this episode to be an actual moment of truth where Merlin actually tells Arthur about what he really is. I imagined that it would happen seconds before the end of the episode. Arthur would be shocked and then the episode ends on a thrilling cliffhanger. How will Arthur react? Is this the end of Merlin's stay in Camelot? Then the next episode Gwen and Morgana find out from Arthur as well and at first Arthur wants to ride back to Camelot to tell everyone but then when something happens and Merlin saves Arthur with his magic, Arthur realises he was having an overreaction and they all decide that together they will help keep Merlin's secret from the king. They don't tell Gaius though. Gaius wouldn't be able to handle news like that.

Anyway in terms of what actually happened in the episode it was a good episode and Chris from Skins was in it. He wasn't being very helpful at first but then Arthur did a speech and he changed his mind and everyone all got to fight a big army and live happily ever after. I loved how Arthur came riding after Merlin, even though I could just tell that he was going to it was still good.

In my opinion Merlin should tell Arthur. Arthur would totally not hold it against him. Well at least he wouldn't after a little bit of life-saving persuasion, because Arthur always needs time to collect his thoughts. Time and Morgana usually. Liked Morgana in her battle outfit as well. Thumbs up for Morgana. Also thumbs up for the episode, but how many thumbs? Well not ten because that would have required there to be an actual moment of truth but maybe perhaps eight. And a liquorice wand.

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