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Supernatural - Castiel

Supernatural 4x10 - Heaven and Hell - Review

Posted on 2008.11.21 at 11:18
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I wasn't exactly what could be called spot on with my ideas of what was going to happen in this episode but I think I got the general theme. Heaven was going to be versus Hell. So is that it for Alastor then? I didn't like the guy but he's got a lot of backstory with Dean for someone who was just killed in an Angel Explosion. How awesome was it that Anna turned out to be an angel. Really I should have seen it coming though. If Sam's with a demon, Dean needs to be with an angel. Just to balance things up.

I loved some of the new ideas introduced in this episode. Like how an angel has a peice of them they can remove to become human. Their grace. And when they fall they literally plummet through the sky. Also I love how grace ground zero was a site of creation rather than destruction. It provided a lot of information as to the nature of heaven and angels as well as the nature of hell and demons, while also being both emotional in parts and exciting in other parts. Plus Bobby in the Dominican. And that Pamela woman came back, fresh from having her eyes burnt out by Castiel.

I didn't guess that it was all a plan to get the angels and demons together until the angels and demons were actually together. Based on this episode I'm thinking that a Heaven versus Hell versus Team Winchester is looking a very plausible scenario. Although in the past I was sure that Castiel would break away from Heaven and join them I'm not so certain now. They have their requisite angel now. Sure it would be awesome if Castiel joined them because Castiel himself is awesome, but I wouldn't be surprised if he undecidedly flapped about the place almost to the end of the entire series.

Poor old Dean though. He doesn't deserve that kind of thing. But that said it makes me wonder precisely what happened to their dad when he was in Hell. I'm betting that he went through the same kind of thing and I think he was down there longer than Dean wasn't he? Before he escaped through that Hellgate or whatever. I know he did save Sammy but who is to say he didn't go all demonised?

Anyway the problem now is that we've got to wait till January till the next episode. Well at the very least I'm glad they didn't decide to start this until January hiatus last week because after the cliffhanger ending of last weeks episode I wouldn't have been able to handle it. This episode was brilliant. Especially loved the big fight and Anna getting her grace back (god that sounds like a really strange movie title) and of course Bobby in the Dominican in his banana hammock and trucker hat. I give this episode ten thumbs up and a neon halo.

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