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Pushing Daisies - Emerson Cod

Pushing Daisies 2x06 - Oh Oh Oh... It's Magic - Review

Posted on 2008.11.20 at 15:08
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I'm still wishing that Lily and Vivian would find out that Chuck is still alive so that it can be found out and got out of the way and then they can all have adventures as a team or whatever. And it looks like that might be on the cards at last. This Dwight Dixon is an interesting character who is most definately stirring things up.

His story about the three matching pocketwatches with their initials engraved into the front is an interesting one although not particuarly helpful. The pair of alliterative initials on the pocketwatches suggests that Ned's father would have had an alliterative name as well. Much like Charles Charles and Dwight Dixon. The part at where this is not helpful (in terms of determining Ned's surname if nothing else) is that we don't actually know Ned's father's first name. Oh well. It's almost a clue.

Anyway this was a good episode of Pushing Daisies (although sadly Simone wasn't in it this week. Hopefully she hasn't been forgotten about, just not relevant to this specific episode) with a magic theme. I'm not normally one for magic. At least not in the traditional sense. I will watch Derren Brown but he's more robotic mind control than actual magic. It was well done though. I loved the theatrical feeling that the episode gave with the curtains coming down at the end of a scene. I really liked Hermann as a character. When he first met Ned and was keen and anxious to give him a hug but informed Olive he wasn't made out of hugs (or words to that effect) was brilliant. As well as him getting Emerson involved in the performance and hiring him mid-act.

The best bit of this episode was Olive's lamentation that the deceased monkey could not just tell them who killed it and Ned's subsequent thoughts on why that is evolutionary impossible. Oh and Hermann believing Ned's assertation that bringing him back to life was magic. Then again perhaps he was right. It's never been explained where Ned got his power from, in fact it's been specifically explained that it just sort of happened. Hermann said that he got it from his father and Hermann must have been aware that he was not experiencing the magic of illusion. Maybe Ned's father is capable of something extraordinary. Then again I'm not sure that I would like that. It would feel like a bit of a plot let down. Especially since it's been established that Ned's power is just one of those things. Oh well nevermind. So anyway this episode, I give it nine thumbs up and a velcro top hat.

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