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Dirty Sexy Money 2x06 - The Injured Party - Review

Posted on 2008.11.20 at 13:33
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Okay so I promised I'd stop making fun of Nola's name last week. I mean she is a main character and it doesn't look like she's going anywhere. Plus she's Lucy Liu and so she's automatically sexy and potentially a lesbian but still I find myself gravitating back to that name. Nola. It's like her parents wanted a boy who they could call Noel but instead they got a girl and settled with the next best thing. No(e)la. Or one parent wanted to call the child Lola and the other one didn't and so they compromised on Nola. But then again that's like one parent wanting to call a child William and the other one not wanting to and so they compromise on Wontiam. Although personally I love Wontiam as a name and someone in one of my books is going to get called Wontiam. Anyway this is supposed to be a review of an episode of Dirty Sexy Money not a review of making fun of people's names. Although if it was a review of making fun of people's names I'd give it ten thumbs up and an elastic spear.

Anyway this was an action packed episode of Dirty Sexy Money. Simon Elder went to bother Lisa because Nick had been trying to convince Karen not to marry him. Lisa confronts Nick and tells him not to have any more dealings with Karen. As he communicates this information to Karen (tells her that he can't have any more dealings with him) Lisa finds out that they're meeting and goes ballistic. She shows up at the Darling party and initiates a catfight with Karen whereupon Jeremy stumbles in and tries to turn a simple run of the mill catfight into an all out brawl. In the end Lisa ends up hooking up with Jeremy and Nick kisses a random who Letitia knocked over with her car. This does not make me a happy reviewer. Not because of the break up thing. The break up was good and clever but the thing that annoys me is this random who seems to have ingratiated her way into Nick's pants. Nick needs to be with Lisa or Karen. I personally don't mind which. I just don't believe anybody out there is shipping Nick/Random Hit By Car Woman. I swear to god Nick better be on his way to have dirty sexy relations with either Karen or Lisa or I'm going to... erm... I don't know what I'm going to do but it's going to be disproportionately angry.

Oh and I don't much mind Lisa hooking up with Jeremy. I would mind if she was hooking up with some random though. Stupid randoms. Randoms aren't supposed to hook up with the main characters. So anyway what else happened in the episode. I'm sure more things happened than just that. Oh yeah Simon Elder proved that he's a proper blackhatted moustache twirling villain and not just somebody with an opposing point of view and a sudden revelation cast an interesting light upon Nola. Which I'm glad of really because she was being portrayed as a villain and well... you can't exactly have a villain called Nola. It's like having a villain called Alfonso or Chester or something. But it is something of a bizarre revelation because it seems like an attempt to dewrite Nola's motivations for the last few episodes and write her up as one of the good guys. Actually a lot of this episode reads like a peice of fanfiction. Random new character kissing Nick. Retconning of existing personality to make a character seem more sympathetic. Did I write this episode? No actually if I had written this episode he would have hooked up with Karen.

The big ending involved Nick going and giving Simon a stern telling off which was really good. All in all it was a good episode with plenty of twists and turns. I think so long as that random gets kicked out unceremoniously and never seen again I can potentially convince myself it never happened and well I'm not sure how to deal with the Nola thing. I give this episode seven thumbs up and a wire tap made of mistletoe.


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