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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Bones 4x10 - The Passenger In The Oven - Review

Posted on 2008.11.20 at 11:21
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I love episodes set on planes. Like that episode of House where they're on a plane and there's an outbreak of a contagious disease (but not really because it turns out to be a man with the Bends). In fact if I was travelling on a plane nowadays the point at which I would be the most worried wouldn't be the take-off or the landing (they go off without a hitch every time). The point at which I would be concerned is just after half way. That's when contagious diseases, or burned up bodies or whatever is discovered. Why more programs don't have plane based episodes I don't know. Could you imagine say an episode of Supernatural on a plane? Oh wait hang on. My brain has just kicked me into gear and informed me that that's one of the first episodes. Well I meant an entire episode on a plane. I was going to suggest a storyline that takes place entirely on a plane but I realised halfway through imagining it that it was just the episode that had already aired but taking place entirely on a plane. Okay how about an episode of Dexter that takes place on a plane? No that's lame. Erm... Fringe could probably do it. The plot could be that suddenly all planes in the sky stop communicating with the ground, and then after a certain amount of time spent not communicating they all crash simultaneously. Furthermore any planes which take off after this event go through the same thing. Non-communication and then a crash so many minutes later. The team try to solve what's happening but don't have enough information to be able to figure out what's going on. The black boxes are fruitless as well because all the information from them is gone. Walter says they need to go up on a plane and experience it first hand in order to know precisely what is going on and how to stop it. So they do and they discover what's wrong and stop it somehow. Don't ask me what is causing these planes to crash because I don't know. I've not thought that far ahead yet. Anyway the point is... what is the point? Why am I wittering on about Fringe? This is a review of the latest episode of Bones. Back to Bones!

This episode is great. As I've already mentioned I like episodes that take place on planes. I think personally that there should be two episodes that every program has to have. An on-a-plane episode and a musical episode. Writer's would get double creativity points for writing a musical on a plane. Anyway this episode isn't a musical but it is an on-a-plane episode, and as on-a-plane episodes go it's one of the most exciting. The best bit has to be with Booth trying to convince that lawyer woman to let him arrest the kid before the plane lands and just about managing it. Plus the incredibly knowledgable old ladies who like murder were good as well. And Booth trying to get a sneaky upgrade into first class.

I really like the whole relationship between Roxy and Angela and I just hope that it isn't going to go wrong. I get the feeling at the moment that Roxy might be even worse at commitment than Angela is. Which is seriously saying something. I loved Hodgins and Sweets reaction as Cas went off with Roxy and Angie. In fact I liked pretty much everything in this episode. Lesbians, planes, people being burnt alive... what more could people want from an episode? I give this episode ten thumbs up and a bamboo helicopter.

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