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Portal - Cake 1

Fringe 1x08 - The Equation - Review

Posted on 2008.11.19 at 15:48
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I maintain that Walter makes this series. Although the weird sciencey bits are good and all the action and everything, I still think that this show would not be half as good without Walter. Therefore when the owner of Walter's old institution threatens Peter telling him that he will petition the state to have Walter removed from his custody I automatically thought 'you evil bastard'. I wouldn't necessarily have thought that had he gone after Dunham or Broyles or whatever (then again they don't have to be in Peter's custody so he couldn't really do anything about them but I think you know what I mean). Walter is the living breathing heart of this show. The funniest and most sympathetic character on there.

Today a kid was kidnapped thanks to the use of flashing red and green lights (which I could just tell was going to come up again at some point in the episode). He was taken somewhere and promised that his mother would be able to stay with him if only he can figure out how to end this one peice of music he's been working on. This one peice of music that translates to a complicated mathematical formula for getting apples out of the back of boxes. Okay it probably does more than just extract apples (that would be a useless formula unless you were some kind of crazy Batman style supervillain (classic Batman I mean. Not the Dark Knight and all that) called The Apple Thief). Anyway Walter knows someone back at the institution who was kidnapped by this woman and who desperately tried to solve the equation for years afterwards. However the whole thing goes disasterously wrong when it turns out that the man in question has repressed his memories of the equation and the woman who kidnapped him. This leads to Walter losing his temper somewhat and the dispicable owner of the institution forcing him back into his old room. Where a clone/hallucination/doppelganger/godknows of Walter comes and sits next to him. It's clear that something odd is going on. I think it could be something in Walter's mind, as the scene was kind of from his perspective. But also I wouldn't rule out Walter2 being a seperate entity. You never know what's going to happen on Fringe.

Personally my opinion on the evil overlord of the institution is that he's in with the people who are all about The Pattern and his decision to only let Walter talk to the patient was a decision calculated to cause the anger that was inevitably caused. The long term purpose...? I don't know, but it seems clear that they don't want Walter helping out the Pattern Investigation Squad. Or whatever they call themselves.

It was a good episode and I really liked Walter signing Christmas carols and making Peter cut off his own sleeves. I give this episode a nine thumbs up and a gingerbread village. Which technically isn't better than nine thumbs up but is a damn site more interesting. By the way is it a dam site or a damn sight or some kind of bizarre combination of the two. Imagine if the site of a dam was a damn sight more interesting than the sight of a dam. Or something. It'd be madness.

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