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House 5x08 - Emancipation - Review

Posted on 2008.11.19 at 14:20
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Not to be cliched but here's one of those instances when you know you've watched House too much: When at the first mention of vitamins you exclaim "It's the vitamins!" and are subsequently proven to be correct. That's right. I now know enough about House that I should either consider a career in medicine or (more likely) a career as a writer. Oh wait aren't I already doing that second one? Erm... nevermind. The important thing to remember is that I'm dead clever and figured it out as soon as the kid mentioned vitamins. Now lets get away from the more mediciney bits and get on with the actual reason that I watch House. The characters.

Well this week it was less House more Foreman. By the way Foreman would be a rubbish name for a TV show. Who would watch something called Foreman? Not me for one. Foreman was convinced this week that he was good enough to not only do the case that House was working on but also one of his very own (one that I would have solved much faster than he did). In the end he stood up to House and did what he wanted to do and good for him and all that. I liked the storyline as one of those clever ways to get Cameron and Chase back into the show.

The attitudes of the team towards PotW1 were weird. Kutner at first was very sympathetic. Almost to point of giving our mystery patient a hug and telling her that everything was going to be okay. Once lie number one was uncovered he almost seemed to despise her. This polarised Thirteen from thinking she was a drug addict mess of a child to someone who was doing their hardest to cope with a traumatic event and doing it pretty well. She still wasn't all hugs and puppies, but it's Thirteen. I don't think she was hugs and puppies ever.

Best moments of this weeks episode was House's insistence on Foreman's participation in the tests (along with video footage of him performing the tests and a photograph of him and the patient with today's newspaper) and later when he confronted Wilson over why Wilson wasn't trying to tell him what to do with Cuddy. To be fair I think Wilson had a good strategy. The only problem was that it was really obvious (to House anyway) that he was still trying to get House to go out with Cuddy. You don't go from being as vocal as he was last week to as quiet as he was this week without a good reason. Oh and the other best bit was Taub's "I have Huntington's disease" speech. So unexpected and then the look on Thirteen's face. Priceless. All in all it was a good episode and I have to give it eight thumbs up. Bravo.

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